What Are You Doing to Be Your Best Self?


Every expert starts as a beginner.

Even if your goal is not to ever become an expert, you always start from ground zero when you embark on something new. Whether it is a new exercise routine, learning a second or third language, or training for a new position at work, there are always the beginning stages where everything seems foreign. Fortunately, with perseverance and patience, you can make progress. You can create a new you, or at least a better you, by focusing on the details of learning a new skill or habit.

Perhaps this is why the beginnings of things can be so very overwhelming. The first time you drag yourself out of bed for a trip to the gym or a run around the lake is, in fact, a challenge. And even if you start that first, second, and third day with a good deal of enthusiasm, there are also many times when those beginning weeks are the most important.
Experts used to say that you needed to do something 24 times in a row to make it a habit, but in this world where so many of us want to be an expert in what we do, the number of recommended reputations is much larger. In fact, in the quest to help children acquire an early skill, authors and researchers have proposed that you may need to put in as many as 10,000 hours to reach your goal. That is a lot of time. Time when you start on the journey from beginner to expert. Time when you refocus yourself on the things that matter the most to you and the choices that you will need to make to create a new priority in your life.

Hair Specialists Offer a Number of Beneficial Services

What if, however, exercise cannot help you achieve your number one goal? What if you are in better physical shape than you have ever been and you still do not feel good about yourself? Finding a way to make sure that you are able to reach the goals that you have for how you look you may need to seek the help of other kinds of professionals, not just health and fitness experts. Fortunately, hair loss specialists in clinics across the country are able to help their clients get the results that they need. From questions that you may have about scars to understanding all of the available treatments, there are many times when a hair transplant clinic can help you get the answers to all of the questions that you have, as well as the results that you want.

Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times when hair loss specialists can not only answer simple questions about scars after surgery, but also provide the needed information about the latest treatment options:

  • As much as 50% of a man’s head of hair will be gone before it becomes cosmetically visible.
  • In fact, in the U.S. alone nearly 35 million men are enduring some level of hair loss, baldness, or combination of the two.
  • Even by the age of 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss.
  • One increasingly popular procedure is Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS). This is a process where a strip of scalp from a non-balding area is surgically removed, and placed in incisions in a balding area.
  • A typical FUE procedure takes around eight hours, and healing time after an FUE hair transplant is dependent on skin type, but the grafts take in a matter of days and redness settles in about four to five days.
  • With very few to no scars, some of the latest procedures can help people, especially men, achieve their goals when it comes to their outward appearance.

    Although being physically fit might arguable be the most important, there are many people who simply cannot be their best selves if they are not happy with the image that they see when they look in the mirror. The emotional scars, so to speak, of fearing a life without a full head of hair can seem impossible to overcome, so many turn to the latest hair replacement options to get the results they want.

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