The Top Three Benefits of Couples Therapy


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We all know that one seemingly perfect — and annoying — couple who proudly claim that they never fight, and constantly call each gag-worthy, cutesy pet names while everyone rolls their eyes in unison.

It turns there’s a good chance couples like that, who claim they never argue, may not be as happy as you think and may be lacking communication in their relationship. In fact, “fighting” or at least having disagreements is healthy. Having effective conflict resolution skills is essential to facilitating open communication, which is critical to maintaining a healthy relationship. Unfortunately, many couples lack the conflict resolution necessary to express their opinions in constructive, not destructive, ways.

Couples therapy is an excellent way to learn effective conflict resolution skills as well address any other underlying problems such as anxiety, depression, phobias, and sexual problems, all which can exacerbate other issues. While many couples, or at least one partner, may have concerns or hesitations about divulging so much personal information to a complete stranger, it’s important to remember that couples counseling provides a safe space for raw communication.

Typically, both partners bring pre-existing issues to the partnership or marriage. These issues cannot be addressed and healed if they are not openly spoken about. In order order for a couple effectively communicate, previous issues must be faced on head on in order to move forward.

Many partners are shocked to find that their significant other feels the same way they do, but has communicating it in a way that was not understood. Also, many partners have entirely different ways of showing their affection. For example, one partner may shower the other with expensive gifts while the other would prefer physical affection. Both partners have the same goal in mind, but are simply expressing it in ways that make sense to them. More like this.

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