The Right Men’s Products


Any well groomed man today will be on the market for men’s grooming products, and there is plenty out there for any customer to look and smell his best any time of the day. Some may be surprised to hear that the men’s grooming and hair care market worldwide is a big one, and accessories for shaving, daily face wash, good shaving oil, and much more are hot commodities for men who want to keep up their good looks. Mens body powder is another strong option that someone can look into, and mens body powder has come a long way since the ancient days. Even cream for under eyes and beard oil are out there if someone wants it. How strong is this market, and what are some good grooming tips?

The Market Today

It can be safely said that the modern men’s grooming market is a big one, and it’s going to keep growing, too. In the United States alone, for example, the market for men’s shaving goods is expected to grow about 10% to reach $3.37 billion by the year 2020. And around the world, the male grooming market is predicted to hit a total worth of $29.14 billion by the year 2024, and some may be surprised to hear that brick and mortar stores are still the most popular way to buy these goods, despite the general rise of e-commerce. Around the globe, about 80% of male grooming products are in fact sold in physical stores.

Different products have proven popular. A June 2017 Statistia survey showed that 57% of American male respondents aged 30-59 are using shampoo daily, and many men will need beard grooming products, seeing how 39% of American men have facial hair (which is a 15% increase from just five years ago). Other products like under eye cream, shower gel, and moisturizer have also proven themselves mainstays of the male grooming market, as well as specialized shampoos like those that combat dandruff. What else is there?

Mens body powder dates back to the days of the Roman Empire, but the modern powders are a bit more safe and effective. In days past, mens body powder was often talc, but sometimes contained toxic heavy metals that could harm the body over time, and today’s powders are much safer to use. What is more, old powders would, as they absorbed moisture, form unpleasant pastes, something that fancy modern powders won’t do. Overall, mens body powder today is lab-designed to absorb skin moisture that odor-producing bacteria look for, and this keeps a men smelling fresh and reduces sweat and other moisture. Specialized body powders might be found for those with sensitive skin.

Shaving with a regular razor takes some work, but the resulting shave will speak for itself. First, the man splashes warm water on his face and uses pre-shave oil to help prevent any razor burns. Next, he uses shaving cream and applies it everywhere where whiskers are found, and as a bonus, he can use a small, handheld brush of horse hair and use it in a swirling motion to make all whiskers stand up and face the same way, making them a little easier to cut. Now, he is ready to cut. He will position the razor at a temple and guide it downwards in a smooth, steady motion and shave all whiskers as he goes, and once each stoke is done, the shaver should clear out the whiskers with water before doing it again. Once all whiskers and shaving cream is gone, the man can also apply aftershave to further prevent razor burn, as well as smell great. A man can use a similar procedure to shave the hair on top of his head with a razor, with the added step of setting up extra mirrors so he can see the back of his head while shaving.

Shaving kits, mens body powder, and more can be found at grocery stores as well as more specialized retailers, and another, classic option is simply to visit the barber, where experts will give a great haircut and a shave to all patrons, and this can lend a comfortable, old fashioned air to shaving that can be a daily or weekly trip.

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