Combatting Drug Addiction In The United States

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If you are struggling with addiction, you might have heard that a drug addiction clinic is the only legitimate recovery option. While that might be true in some cases, it might not apply to your situation. One-on-one and group counseling are often available — both of these options can offer tailored recovery approaches. Just make sure that your therapist has graduated from one of the many addiction counseling training programs available and is certified in the state in which you reside. Therapists who have graduated from a certified training program are aware of appropriate addiction discussion topics and can provide addiction life coach services as well. Addiction courses are another great alternative. These provide insight into the factors that trigger unwanted behavior, such as increased drinking, inappropriate risk-taking and drug use, so you can identify the root cause and work to make healthy changes. Many of these courses are available live online with a coach. Others are designed for self-study, making this option a fantastic alternative for those with variable schedules. Ask for referrals and make sure to verify the therapists’ professional credentials before signing up. And don’t forget to shop around for the best price — you might be surprised at how affordableonline therapy can be.

As most people are already far too aware of, drug addiction has become a major (and consistently growing) problem here in the United States. Drug addiction rates are skyrocketing, in fact, especially when we look at the rates of opioid addiction. And the statistics and data that have been gathered in recent years only back up this claim.

In fact, the year of 2015, now a few years in the past, already saw more than half of a million people suffering from heroin abuse, with hundreds of thousands of this population made up of teenagers and young adults. In addition to this, more than 2.5% of this country’s total population over the age of were already dependent on some type of illicit drug or other such substance the year prior, in 2014. In the few years that have passed by since, these numbers have only continued to grow more and more out of control, even being declared as a national epidemic.

After all, drug addiction is typically (far more often than it is not) hugely detrimental to those who suffer from it and those surrounding them – so for pretty much everyone who is in any way involved with the addicted person in question. Addiction can cause the break down of relationships and of life itself as the addicted person knew it. It can lead to homelessness and joblessness and a distinct downward spiral in overall quality of life. However, most severely, addiction can far too easily lead to death, as overdose has actually become one of the leading causes of preventable death here in the United States, second behind obesity alone. Overdose alone has led to more than 50,000 deaths on a yearly basis, a huge number by just about any standards, to say the least.

But just because someone has a substance abuse problem and an addiction does not mean their life is necessarily over, even if it is a heroin or other such opioid addiction. In fact, this is likely far from the case, as treatment options for opioid addiction are becoming more commonplace – and more acceptable, socially or otherwise, than truly every before here in the United States and beyond it as well. For instance, there are now more treatment methods at play than ever before, both to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms as well as the more psychological aspects of addiction, something that is likely to be hugely important for the success of many recovering addicts in the long run, as drug use can often begin as a coping mechanism in many people (though this is not necessarily true of all cases).

In many cases, methadone rehab clinics have been absolutely critical in fighting back against the opioid crisis here in the United States. Methadone rehab clinics, as the name suggests, do this by providing methadone to many of its patients, a treatment that has now been around for more than half of a century. This methadone treatment provided by methadone rehab clinics is often far more effective than a non medical treatment alone, though the average methadone rehab clinics will also likely provide some type of therapy as well, as methadone rehab clinics are likely well aware that both body and mind must be treated side by side for the success of the average methadone treatment program to be commonplace.

And data backs up the work that is done by these methadone rehab clinics, showing that a great amount of success can be had through the use of methadone treatment for opiate addicted patients. In fact, when methadone is given out by these methadone rehab clinics, the rate of success is as much as 90%, with the success rate typically not dipping below 60% at the very lowest. For many people, methadone treatments have provided a new lease on life – and a new future ahead of them, free from the chains of addiction. While methadone treatments might be required for someone’s entire life as a maintenance treatment, other former addicts are often able to wean off of them, at least to some extent over the course of life.

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