Don’t Take Chances This Flu Season, Head To Urgent Care For A Vaccination


With flu season upon it it is important to take step to prevent ourselves from getting sick. One of the best ways to do this is by getting flu shots, which can be provided at your local urgent care clinic.

Why Should You Get A Flu Shot?

It is estimated that 5% to 20% of people in the United States contract the flu each year, and around 200,000 people end up hospitalized due to the illness. Additionally, around 36,000 people even die each year due to complications that arise from contracting the flu every year. Children and the elderly population are at the highest risk for falling ill with the flu, but even otherwise healthy individuals can get sick.

One of the most effective methods of prevention is vaccination. The influenza virus is renowned for being highly contagious, and we know that not everyone who contracts it can stay sequestered in their homes for the duration of the illness. The flu can be acquired through germs picked up in a store, your workplace, school, or anywhere else multitudes of people interact. The CDC recommends yearly vaccinations in order to stay as healthy as possible when flu season rolls around.

What Is A Flu Shot?

Many people can have reservations about vaccinations, and the debate between those who choose not to vaccinate and those who do, still rages on today. However, if you do wish to protect yourself, you still should understand how flu shots work, and what they do.

Influenza viruses are constantly changing and evolving, which is why yearly vaccinations are recommended. A single vaccination will protect you from the 3 most common viral strains that are most prevalent that year. Flu season starts in November, peaks in January and February, before finally ending in March. Getting a shot each November can be a good preventive strategy.

Flu vaccines work by tricking your immune system into thinking it need to fight of an infection. It essentially enters high alert mode so that when you encounter the virus strain for real, your immune system is prepared to effectively fight it off. This can mean you won’t get as ill as you would have otherwise, and the duration of the illness will be drastically reduced.

Where Do I Get A Flu Shot?

The best flu treatment is effective prevention. Flu shot can be provided by your local urgent care center. The good thing about urgent care centers is that an appointment is never needed, and the wait times are surprisingly short. You can be in and out in under an hour, and ready to face flu season without worry.

Urgent care centers can also offer treatment if you haven’t been vaccinated and contracted the flu. They are often times a more affordable option than emergency room visits and will be able to see you in a quicker manner. Some are even open 24 hours so that if you need medical care, even at midnight, you have an alternative option than heading to the ER. However, it is important to remember that urgent care clinics can handle a lot of non-life threatening injuries and illnesses, but if you fear your affliction is life threatening, you should head to an emergency room.

Don’t Take Chances With Your Health

This flu season don’t take chances. Getting sick is never a fun experience, and the flu can cause additional complications, like dehydration, that could cause you to be hospitalized. Get vaccinated as soon as the season begins so that you can stay as healthy as possible.

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