The 4 Most Popular Treatments At Hoslistic Health Centers


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Modern medicine has come a long way since the days when cutting edge medicine meant using leeches for bloodletting feverish patients. However, the inhuman nature of the health care system in the United States — the pharmaceutical companies, the bureaucracy, the debt, and the insane insurance system — has many Americans exploring holistic health treatments instead.

That’s why holistic centers are popping up in cities both large and small. Every day, more and more Americans discover the alternative healing available in the 21st century. Thousands of years of alternative medicine from cultures all over the globe are now available from one location. But what are the most popular treatments at these new holistic centers?


In 2015, an estimated 15 million Americans have discovered the wide range of benefits that come from regularly practicing yoga. This healing art has been around for thousands of years, but only recently has the Indian practice become widespread in the United States. Not only does Yoga often provide a sense of inner peace, it’s also an incredible way to promote physical health. It’s one of the rare exercises that improves spiritual, mental, and physical health all at once.


There are a number of schools of massage, from the Swedish massage you’ll find at most American spas to the restorative Abhyanga massage, the 5,000-year old holistic healing tradition from India. Millions of Americans also enjoy the sense of relaxation and rejuvenation that comes from massage therapy.


The benefits of meditation are legion. Although it has long been part of the Buddhist tradition, more and more Americans are learning how to practice forms of meditation like mindfulness. Like yoga, meditation can help inspire relaxation and inner peace. However, many people also pursue transcendental meditation, with the ultimate goal of expanding their consciousness.


Acupuncture is an Asian holistic medicine that became popular in the West over the past few decades. Already, at least three million U.S. residents have tried acupuncture, often as an alternative to pain medications.

What are you favorite forms of holistic medicine? Let us know why you visit holistic centers in the comments!

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