Is Your Hair Loss Bothering You? Hair Replacement Surgeries Offer Solutions

Hair loss specialist

Androgenetic Alopecia, more commonly known as male pattern baldness, will affect approximately eight out of every 10 American men. Before the age of 55, the vast majority of men notice that their hair is thinner and that their hairlines may have receded.

Some men may not realize right away that they are losing hair: experts report that hair loss is not typically noticeable until about half of a man’s hair is already gone. Before a man begins to go bald, a single hair will grow for a few years, cease to grow for a few months (the “resting phase”) and then fall out.

Continuous hair growth in a pre-balding individual ensures that hair will be periodically replaced, but in a man (or sometimes, a woman) who is balding, the hairs are not replaced and hair loss can become apparent after a few years. Some men choose to search for hair replacement surgeries to restore hair to its original fullness and to cover larger balding areas on their scalps.

Hair replacement surgeries can vary according to need, but for larger jobs, some men are looking to get Follicular Unit Extraction — or FUE — hair transplants, which take about eight hours. Basically, very small groups of hair are taken from areas of the scalp that have good hair growth and are then transplanted to balding areas of the scalp. Experts report that healing times can vary, but that most patients report good results in under a week’s time.

FUE hair transplants can be an effective treatment option
for balding patients who are looking for a way to combat imminent baldness. A hair loss specialist should be able to counsel patients on their options and should help patients choose the best option for surgery. Baldness may affect most men, but with the help of modern technology, hair can often be restored to its original condition.

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