Stop Balding and Regrow Your Hair with FUE


Have you been noticing more hair loss lately? Is there more hair at the bottom of your shower or in your hairbrush than on your head? Don’t stress over hair loss. Make an appointment at a hair clinic that can help you enjoy hair restoration with revolutionary hair replacement techniques like the follicular unit extraction procedure, otherwise referred to as FUE.

Is a FUE Hair Transplant Right for You?

When you visit with a hair loss specialist at a FUE hair clinic, they will tell you everything you want to know about a FUE transplant. It is advisable to visit a clinic to learn about this surgical procedure rather than just trying to learn about it on your own. While there is plenty of information available, you will get the precise answers you seek from a clinic in Los Angeles that has already performed successful hair transplants.

FUE itself is a surgical procedure that typically takes eight hours. It is recommended for people that want to restore hair with minimal scarring and discomfort. FUE has actually earned itself a reputation for being the most refined hair loss approach for hair transplantation. Choose a clinic that has already earned a reputation for perfecting the FUE method and you will enjoy the rewards that comes with this technique.

How Does a FUE Procedure Work?

A FUE treatment starts with harvesting individual hair follicles in groups of one to four hairs, directly from your scalp. First, the area of the head that will be harvested is shaved. Then a FUE hair transplant specialist will excise the area using punch blades which are smaller than 1 mm. This allows for precise, individual grafts of hair to be extracted from the outer layer of skin. There is some minimal discomfort and virtually undetectable circular scars that are hard to detect with short hair or a shaved head.

You Will Enjoy the Results of a FUE Transplant

When you want natural-looking hair growth, then a FUE transplant is the type of treatment you need. Postoperative results are largely very good. Complications are extremely rare with signs of the treatment dissipating in a week. You can expect to receive exceptional care from a hair transplant clinic that specializes in the FUE technique.

Enjoy the Benefits of FUE

A very popular benefit of FUE is the fact that any scarring is minimal. This is a top advantage that FUE has over different types of hair transplants. It is considered to be even better than the FUT procedure which takes a portion of the scalp instead of harvesting hair units. It also requires stitches due to incision marks that will leave a small amount of scarring.

There are no stitches when it comes to a FUE treatment. You will also enjoy a much shorter time for recovery. FUE patients will find themselves able to resume normal daily activities and work within a single day after their procedure. If you like to wear your hair short, FUE has the added benefit of being so gentle to the scalp that you do not have to be concerned about noticeable scarring.

The fact is, former FUT patients may want to future FUE treatments simply because their scalp elasticity is limited after having FUT surgery. Have you been told that you are not a good candidate for FUT? The good news is that FUE uses hair that can be excised from other areas of the body. So, hair transplants can come from legs, arms, the back, or chest. The overall goal is to help you enjoy a fuller head of hair.

Schedule a Consultation for FUE Today

In order to achieve a natural-looking, thicker head of hair turn to specialists that offer FUE hair transplant surgical services. It is the easiest way to increase hair with minimal discomfort. Find out all of the options open to you when you schedule a FUE consultation today.

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