How to Choose the Best Methadone Program


Choosing the right methadone treatment center is not easy. Today, you will come across different rehab facilities near you guaranteeing a hundred percent recovery from methadone addiction or any other form of pill addiction. Before choosing the right methadone rehab center, you first need to understand what methadone. Simply put, methadone is a synthetic narcotic that is often prescribed as a painkiller. The problem that most people are unaware of is that methadone is a highly addictive drug. Even when it is prescribed as one of the treatments for heroin addiction, some patients become highly addicted to the drug. There are also those who use it as the primary drug for other related opiate addiction. In the recent times, there have been increased cases of methadone addiction since it is often found in the illicit drug markets. Due to methadone being prescribed as a painkiller, there is a general misconception about the drug use. Many people take so much time before realizing that they are actually addicted to methadone. It is this dismissal that makes it hard for people to distinguish between normal prescription of methadone and its abuse.

What is a Methadone Clinic?
When it comes to choosing a methadone clinic, a good idea is not to choose a random clinic that is near you. You need to first understand what a methadone clinic does. A methadone clinic is ideally a medically supervised clinic that deals with different treatments for addiction to heroin. Methadone is administered to heroin addicts to help them deal with the withdrawal symptoms and cravings of the drug. As mentioned before, methadone is highly addictive. When looking for a good clinic, you need to establish whether the kind of treatment you are looking for is either inpatient methadone maintenance treatment or outpatient methadone maintenance treatment. You can opt for inpatient methadone maintenance treatment depending on the nature and extent of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. If you experience pain or discomfort related to opioid addiction, considering the inpatient methadone maintenance treatment enables close monitoring of your withdrawal symptoms by qualified medical experts. At the heroin treatment center or methadone clinics in chicago, there are qualified medical personnel who are supposed to supervise the treatment. The addiction to methadone only occurs when the administration of the drug in relation to heroin addiction is not supervised.

How to Choose the Right Methadone Treatment Center
It is important that you take due diligence when choosing the right methadone detox centers. By sidestepping some of the key factors that characterize a good methadone rehab, you will be setting yourself for failure in dealing with methadone addiction. To start with, you need to choose a facility that has qualified, experienced and compassionate staff. The foundation of every rehab facility is the people. For the perfect rehab experience, there is need for close interaction between the members of the staff and the patients at the center. It is this interaction that makes recovery possible. Whether you are in for inpatient methadone maintenance treatment or as an outpatient, look for an accredited rehab facility that has qualified staff to deal with your methadone addiction. It is also important that the center has non-judgmental members of staff and counselor. Drug addiction is as a result of different physiological underlying issues. This is why counselors in addiction facilities are required to practice empathy. When dealing with non-judgmental counselors, it becomes easier for heroin addiction patients to open up about their problems. Lastly, methadone addiction treatment centers should have individualized treatment centers. There is a reason why you might be admitted for inpatient methadone maintenance treatment or as an outpatient. By taking the inpatient methadone maintenance treatment, there is a more direct approach towards emergency withdrawal symptoms that require prompt attention. The issue of cost of treatment is also a key factor to consider. However, you will find that many methadone addiction centers tend to charge almost the same price for methadone addiction treatment. By having an idea of what the current market rate is for methadone addiction, you are good to go.

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