I Don’t Have Health Insurance And I’m Scared What Medical Options Do I Have?


You don’t have enough money for health insurance. You’re starting to notice the onset of a chronic condition or you’re worried about whether or not you’ll be prepared for flu season. Who can make sure you’re getting the coverage you need?

A family clinic can fill in the gaps without breaking your bank. Family medicine is a field that stretches across the country to help families, couples and individuals of all shapes and sizes. Insurance being such a complex entity doesn’t help when you’re feeling unwell or fearing for the future, after all. The family clinic can come in the form of a walk-in location a few miles away or an urgent care setting just downtown. No matter what you’re going through, you have options.

Let’s simplify the health insurance process by looking at what a family clinic can do for you and yours.

A Significant Portion Of Americans Don’t Have Insurance

A sad reality today is the state of health insurance in the United States. Recent estimates have concluded nearly 10% of the population doesn’t have health insurance. That’s millions of adults and children looking toward uncertain futures when it comes to their well-being. The net health insurance premium of all life insurers in the United States is around $165 billion, though this is expected to continue fluctuating as healthcare does. While your situation might not be identical to another’s, you likely have a few areas you can relate on.

Health Insurance Is Extremely Varied

From employer-based health insurance to private healthcare, one aspect all Americans can agree on is that health insurance is extremely varied. Medicaid (the United States’ health insurance program for those with low income) covers one-fifth of Americans today. Medicare spending back in 2016 totaled $695 billion alone. By the time 2050 arrives the projected amount of Medicare enrollment is expected to reach 92 million. A family clinic remains a useful option because it helps not just adults, but children in need of constant check-ups.

Children Make Up Nearly Half Of Medicare Enrollees

Medicaid and Medicare are a few health insurance plans that keep these already high uninsured numbers from rising further. Children today account for around 45% of Medicare enrollees, according to recent data, and more families than ever are turning to the aid of urgent health care services to fill in the gap. Even having health insurance isn’t enough, as some plans will cover preventative care, while others will require co-pay. How do you make sure everyone in your family is getting the attention they need at all times?

Preventative Care Is Just As Important As General Care

A family clinic is a prime location to provide not just assistance with minor or moderate injuries and illnesses, but preventative healthcare. With flu season coming up it is imperative your children are vaccinated to protect not just themselves, but vulnerable parts of the population. Preventative healthcare can also include HIV/STD tests, birth control, general check-ups, physical therapy and additional vaccinations. Today many Americans have multiple health insurance plans or resources in an effort to cover all the basics.

A Family Clinic Can Support You And Yours

When you’re starting to come up short on your health insurance plan, or don’t have a plan at all, let a family clinic pick up the slack. These locations are numerous, with many cities having at least a few strewn throughout, and boast flexible hours. They are a perfect middleground between regular doctors and the emergency room, able to treat a fracture or a high fever without putting you out of pocket. You need to double-check their schedule, however, as some urgent care services are closed on the weekend or don’t stay open past a certain hour on the weekday.

There are Healthcare Insurance Alternatives

While most people are only aware of the traditional routes for covering medical bills, there are other options that may work better for you. Jericho Share insurance, for example, is a faith-based ministry wherein a community of people help each other cover medical costs in times of need. This is a great alternative for those who may not qualify or want to have mainstream health insurance.

Health insurance can seem like a frightening element sometimes. Family medicine can make sure you have less to worry about.

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