How to Clean and Disinfect a Sigma Spectrum Infusion Pump


While infusion pumps have been in widespread use since the late 1960s, there have been many advancements in this sector that have allowed for better patient care. Smart pumps like the Sigma Spectrum have improved patient safety and facility efficiency. But just because they’re smart doesn’t mean that every action is automated. Cleaning and disinfecting, for instance, still needs to be performed manually in order to ensure compliance and patient safety. Today’s post discussing the main points of Sigma Spectrum pump cleaning. This convenient post can act as a great starting point for your IV pump maintenance plan.

Prepare the IV Pump For Cleaning

Before you can begin the actual Sigma Spectrum pump cleaning process, you need to prepare the pump. You must always wear the protective equipment required by your facility during this process. In most cases, that will include gloves and/or eye protection. Keep in mind that disinfectants used for these purposes can be extremely dangerous to your eyes. Be sure to turn off the pump and unplug the power adapter from its power source. Then, remove the battery; not only will this allow you to clean the battery terminals properly, but it will also prevent accidental power application during cleaning. Remove any attached pole clamps and hold the pump in an upright position to ready it for cleaning.

Clean, Disinfect, and Inspect

Now we can move on to the cleaning and disinfecting portion. There are several steps to the Sigma Spectrum pump cleaning procedure; it’s vital to follow every step as directed. Before you begin, check to ensure that the cleaning agent being used is included in the manufacturer’s list of compatible products. Please be advised that you cannot use ethylene oxide, phenol-based cleaners, or abrasive cleaning agents to clean and/or sterilize pumps or pump components. These materials can degrade or cause damage to the pumps. You may also not use a medical autoclave or any rigid cleaning instruments during this process.

Apply your compatible cleaning product (diluted per the manufacturer’s specifications) on a pre-moistened disposable wipe or lint-free cloth, taking care to ring out any excess solution. The cloth should be damp but not dripping. Wipe down the pump, battery module, and clamp without allowing fluid to seep inside any component of the pump. Refrain from spraying solutions directly on or into the pump and do not immerse any pump component into the cleaning solution. The cleaning agent should remain on the pump’s surface in an even film as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Then, inspect the battery terminal and clean off any debris, taking care to blot dry before placing the battery back into the pump once clean. Wipe both the pump and battery dry and allow to air-dry.

Now, you may open the pump’s door and remove the side clamp, if needed. Apply the cleaning agent using a foam-tipped swab. Cotton swabs cannot be used for this purpose. Using this swab, wipe down the door’s surface and the tubing channels. Visually inspect these channels for debris. Then, use the swab to wipe the battery pocket and speaker vents clean and blot dry. Following that, you’ll use a dampened, lint-free cloth to wipe down the power adapter connector, housing, and cord. Wipe these components dry and allow to air-dry. Inspect the power adapter for damage; if none is found, plug the adapter back into the outlet and ensure the LED display lights up. Finally, dispose of all cleaning materials per waste disposal regulations.

Store Infusion Pump For Future Use

Now that the Sigma Spectrum pump cleaning process is essentially finished, it’s time to store this equipment. Keep the pump powered off and unplugged until all cleaning agents are totally evaporated. After this occurs, you can keep the power adapter plugged into the outlet to maintain its battery charge. When storing a pump for extended periods, make sure to remove the battery module and store in a spot that fits the recommended temperature and humidity requirements. Refrain from storing, handling, or transporting pumps in a manner that could cause damage.

Now that you’re more familiar with Sigma Spectrum pump cleaning, you can instruct your staff on how to successfully perform this process on the medical equipment we offer.

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