Get Menopause Relief with Natural Supplement Alternatives


It’s one of those unavoidable facts of life that women go through menopause. Though many of the symptoms are generally the same, menopause is never the same experience for all women. It’s a personal thing, and you have an important personal choice to make when it comes to how you’re going to manage this natural loss of hormones. Natural supplement alternatives are the safest way to manage your menopause symptoms and keep on feeling like yourself through this process that can be very overwhelming.

Hormone Loss and Menopause

Menopause is truly a stressful time of life, because lots of things are changing everywhere in your body. Any type of shift in hormones can cause symptoms, and even younger women who are not yet going through menopause experience symptoms due to PMS. Premenstrual syndrome, PMS, usually occurs one or two weeks before the menstrual cycle actually begins, and it creates a combination of symptoms. More than 90 percent of women report getting some PMS symptoms. Bloating, headaches and moodiness are among the most common.

Menopause can cause PMS-like symptoms and many more. Hair loss, weight gain, mood swings, loss of libido, a change in menstrual cycles and hot flashes are among the most common. The severity and frequency of menopause symptoms varies for every woman, because every woman is different.

The loss of hormones through the aging process is what ultimately causes menopause, and this is a natural process that can feel very unnatural. However, there are ways to balance the hormone loss you’re experiencing, including natural supplement alternatives. This will reduce the menopause symptoms you’re experiencing and help you continue feeling more life yourself.

Managing Menopause

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a good way to manage menopause symptoms and lessen their effects. It’s important to exercise and get plenty of sleep during this time. You should also avoid sugar and refined carbs, which can worsen menopause symptoms. Be sure to eat plenty of protein during this time as well. Taking a holistic approach to menopause symptoms is the safest and healthiest way to get through this time in your life.

Using Natural Supplement Alternatives

There are many things in nature that contain natural hormones that are also found in the female body. Women produce three forms of estrogen (estradiol, estrone and estriol), as well as some amounts of progesterone and testosterone. As you begin to lose your natural stock of hormones through age, you can replace some of this loss with natural supplement alternatives.

Hormones that the female body needs can be naturally found in certain plants and foods, such as flax seeds, sesame seeds, fatty fish and green tea. Eat more of these foods in your regular diet to give yourself a natural hormone boost that can help reduce the symptoms of menopause and re-balance your body. Many natural supplement alternatives contain natural ingredients like these, as well as other items in nature that contain estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

When you use other methods of managing menopause, you face hormonal health issues and other problems that are worse than menopause.

Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

There’s a lot of information out there about hormone replacement therapy, known as HRT. But the health risks of using synthetic hormones have been well-established for decades. In 1995, a nurses’ health study examined links between synthetic hormones and women. Their findings showed that women taking synthetic estrogen had a 36% risk increase for breast cancer. The risk went up to 50% in women taking synthetic estrogen and progestin. Natural supplement alternatives are much safer.

A 2002 study from the National Institutes of Health showed that synthetic estrogen and progestin therapy created a 41% increase risk of stroke, a 29% increased risk of heart attack and a 26% increased risk of breast cancer.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is another option for managing menopause. Bioidentical hormones are chemically identical to the hormones your own body produces. This type of therapy is used for balancing hormones for men and women. However, there is no hard evidence that this type of hormone therapy is any safer.

Natural supplement alternatives are not made with chemicals. They’re made with natural items, so you can take a more healthy and holistic approach to managing hormone changes.

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