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Adopt Preventative Habits To Combat Back Pain

Back pain, unfortunately, is a chronic issue for many. Due to the demands of daily life, the majority may find themselves standing or sitting still for extended periods of time. Students must sit and study. Office workers must remain at their workplace desks. Sales associates may need to stand for hours at a time. Labor workers do physical labor that, at times, requires heavy lifting.

All these activities put strain on the back, causing pain and leading to higher risk of injury. You may want to consider chiropractic care to resolve these issues. Out of those who visited a chiropractor – a specialist in problems of the musculoskeletal system – from 2017 to 2018, 77% found the care received “very effective.”

However, there are multiple measures you can take on our own to prevent ...

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Why You Should Stock IV Pumps

The Advantages of IV Pumps

As a health care practitioner or a medical device vendor, you are probably very aware of the high demand for IV Pumps. Currently, there are two ways to regulate fluids through an IV. IV Fluids can be regulated manually or by using an electric pump. Regardless of how it is distributed, IV therapy is generally the fastest way to get necessary fluids or medications into the body and it has a bioavailability absorption of 100%.

Because infusion pumps are such a necessary part of hospital and health care life, it is no wonder that innovation in this field is causing infusion systems and IV pump equipment to constantly change and become better...

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Life With Pulmonary Hypertension: Helping Your Patients Travel With IV Pumps

Nearly 45% of all Americans (or 133 million people, to be exact) suffer from at least one chronic disease. These conditions, disorders, and illnesses can only be managed, never cured; as a result, many people who receive routine care and treatments for their chronic disease end up sacrificing the joys of a normal, healthy life. Pulmonary hypertension, which causes the blood vessels in the lungs to narrow and forces the heart to work harder to circulate oxygen, is one such condition.

Whether you’re a doctor, a nurse, or a different form of caregiver, watching your patients suffer at the hands of their illness can be agonizing...

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