3 Top Benefits of Using Cryoglobes in Your Spa


If you are an esthetician, then you should consider introducing cryoglobes in your spa to enhance your cryotherapy facials. Cryoglobes are made from surgical-grade steel. The globes are filled with freeze-retaining fluids at low temperatures of between -18 ° C and -24 ° C.

You can use cryoglobes to enhance your clients’ healing process after treatments, including semi-permanent makeup, face peels, microdermabrasion, skin needling, cryolifting, vein removal, and IPL treatment.

Here are more benefits of using cryoglobes in your spa.

1. Cryoglobes Improve the Quality of Cryo Facials

The way cryoglobes function enhances the results and quality of cryotherapy. Before using the cryoglobes for the first time, you should place them in your freezer for about 12 hours and set the freezer temperature at between -18 ° C and -24 ° C. After your globes are cooled, wipe them clean to remove all residual ice and excess water that may have accumulated on the surface.

After cleaning and drying your client’s skin, you can use the cooled cryoglobes by gently rolling them on your patient’s skin. You should massage the skin evenly using the globes for about eight to 10 minutes. The freezing temperatures of the cryoglobes cause the blood vessels to contract (vasoconstriction) and dilate (vasodilation) as you massage the skin with the cryoglobes. This triggers microcirculation, and more blood and oxygen flow to the face.

If your client had undergone cryo therapy, this process will speed up the healing process. The resulting cryo-stimulation of the skin improves the circulation of blood to the skin’s surface, and this helps invigorate cryo facials. Ultimately, your client will experience better results from cryotherapy and enjoy healthy and glowing skin.

2. Using Cryoglobes Helps Alleviate Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis (AD), also known as eczema, is a chronic skin condition that causes dry and itchy skin. AD may be triggered by several allergens, such as pollen, peanuts, or pet dander. It may also be triggered by accelerated stress levels, infections, and some skin irritants such as fabrics, house cleaning detergents, and soap.

Studies have shown that freezing air helps increase the body’s anti-oxidative capacity that helps fight these allergens that are known triggers of atopic dermatitis. As such, many people with AD symptoms will find cryo facials very beneficial. Using cryoglobes after cryo therapy facials will help your client’s body build up a stronger antioxidant capacity. Your clients will benefit when you adopt the use of cryoglobes in your spa facial treatments.

3. May Help Reduce Acne and Inflammation

Sebaceous glands cause acne. They release sebum, which combines with the dead skin cells and bacteria to cause acne. The most effective way to control acne is by reducing sebum production. This means reducing the number of sebum-producing cells known as sebocytes. A study done on mice showed that this can be achieved by exposing the sebaceous glands to a temperature of -8° Celsius.

To this extent, you can expect cryo facials to help reduce acne. The same is true with cryoglobes. This is because both processes expose the skin to freezing temperatures between -18 ° C and -24 ° C. With consistent application of cryotherapy and cryoglobes, your client may experience less acne as the sebaceous glands are continuously weakened.

Besides enhancing healing after cryotherapy and reducing AD and acne, cryoglobes also help reduce facial redness and large pores on the skin. These benefits should make you use cryoglobes in your spa. Your clients will be happy to experience this extra service in your spa after treatments such as skin needling and face peels. You may also use cryoglobes after cool sculpting treatment, which helps patients measure up to a 25% fat loss after initial treatment.

After using your cryoglobe, sterilize it and place it back in the freezer for cold storage. You can purchase high-quality cryoglobes and other cryo facial devices from the top cryo experts near you.

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