How Do Dental Bridges Actually Work?


The YouTube video “Dental bridges Explained” delves into dental bridges and how they perform their function. Dental bridges refer to materials molded to look like teeth that can fill the gap in-between the teeth. They are designed to adhere to teeth adjacent to the gap to cover it up properly.

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A dental bridge can be an alternative to removable partial dentures. They can also cover multiple gaps at once. Individuals with gaps should consult with their dentist, who will order an x-ray test to assess the teeth properly. The evaluation from the test will determine how many teeth will be present in the dental bridge. This often depends on the number and strength of the surrounding teeth.

A type of dental bridge is the fixed bridge, which is grouped as a destructive bridge type. A more modern option is the sticky bridge. Dentists usually help their patients choose between the two options. During attachment, dental bridges are glued in place using dental cement. When bridges are well-attached, other people usually won’t be able to tell the bridge apart from normal teeth, especially if the tooth color and contour are similar to the patient’s normal teeth.

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