Family Child Care Health and Safety Checklist


The primary goal of any family unit is to ensure that they enforce best practices that enhance their safety and health status. Maintaining safety and good health is no easy feat. A checklist helps you ensure that you leave nothing to chance. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to providing adequate safety and healthcare for your family. It is a combination of several practices.

Maintaining High Activity Levels

It is essential for you and the kids to remain active throughout the day because of the Covid-19. We spend most of our time indoors. Schools and organizations comply with the restrictions imposed by the WHO as a precautionary measure to prevent the virus from spreading further. Therefore, adults are now working from home while kids are taking up online learning. Maintaining high activity levels throughout the way is an effective and efficient way for you to enhance your physical health. Staying active also relieves stress and anxiety.

Moreover, ensuring that your kids engage in some sort of activity on a daily basis enhances their heart rate. Restriction of movement should not deter you from exercising. There are plenty of workout videos on Youtube, which you can use while in the comfort of your own home. Walking and bike riding also fall under the outdoor exercising category. The baseline is that you should ensure that you get to move your body frequently throughout the day; it is part of the family child care health and safety checklist. Engaging in physical activities like glass door repair and appliance repair will suffice.


Furthermore, drinking enough water enhances the functionality of your body. Constantly hydrating is beneficial to your body in that it improves your energy levels, enhances your brain’s functionality, and improves your health in general. However, it may be difficult for you to remember to hydrate because of the uncertainty and strife that the pandemic has brought about. You can set alarms at regular intervals to remind yourself to drink water. Walking with a bottle full of water is also a creative way that you can use to ensure that you are well hydrated at all times. Moreover, you can add a piece of lemon or a splash of juice to your water to enhance its taste. Using ice cubes in all your drinks also promotes hydration. The incorporation of fruits and vegetables into your diet also enhances the family child care health and safety checklist. Checking for the color of your urine is a great way to ensure that you are hydrated. Pale yellow and clear urine indicates proper hydration of your body. Dark urine indicates the dehydration of your body.

Steer Clear of Caffeine

Drinks with high caffeine content are harmful to your body. Excessive consumption can cause addiction and the discoloration of your teeth. This will save you a lot of money that would have been spent visiting the orthodontist. Therefore, you should avoid having drinks like tea, coffee, and soda. The increase in your heart rate and blood pressure can be traced back to excessive consumption of caffeine. Caffeine consumption is clearly harmful to your health. Be sure to reduce the consumption of caffeine, to enhance the effectiveness of your family childcare health and safety checklist.

Advocate for a Balanced Diet

Many people are reluctant to make any unnecessary movements with the effort of trying to contain the Covid-19 virus. Consequently, people have picked up unhealthy eating habits. Working from home is already stressful. Ordering out seems like the easier route to follow as compared to cooking. You might also be hesitant to go to the grocery store with the goal of trying to contain the virus. Do not fret! Many stores provide an online shopping platform. You can order all the necessities you need from the comfort of your home. Get frozen fruits and vegetables, as they will guarantee you longevity without compromising on the nutritional value.

Establishing a routine will help you strike a balance between your work and family life. It is crucial to allocate time to your family where you get to bond and prepare meals together. It is less monotonous and stressful this way. Pediatric doctors advocate for balanced diets for kids as it boosts their immunity and health in general. The routine will also help you to maintain a stable eating schedule of at least three balanced meals per day; this fosters the growth and development of children. Moreover, a routine enforces discipline, as you have to follow it religiously. You should be realistic when curating the routine; it will be easier for you to follow it. Furthermore, it discourages the constant urge to snack and eat junk food. Alternatively, you can give your kids healthier snacks like carrots throughout the day.

Foster Better Family Relationships

With the pandemic looming over your head, it makes it more difficult for you to keep in touch with friends and family as if the distractions from social media are not enough. Despite the fact that your family may be dispersed across distant places and the inability to visit them physically should deter you from keeping in touch. Social media and recent technological advances provide you with the advantage of setting up virtual social gatherings with friends and family. This mainly has a positive impact on the social life of your kids. This is the genesis and foundation of friendships. You can also foster your own relationship with your child by giving thoughtful gifts such as crazy compression socks regularly. This makes your child feel loved and appreciated.

In addition, being away from your family is stressful and strenuous. Therefore, you should allocate a sufficient amount of time for socialization and bonding purposes. Children call for a lot of attention, distance and isolation can make them develop abandonment issues. Family medical care specialists recommend bonding with children over meals and fun activities to prevent any complications in the future. Bonding and socializing over shared interests and activities strengthens your relationship with children.

Establish a Sleep Routine

A child that exhibits crankiness and signs of exhaustion in the morning is sleep deprived. Eight hours is the recommended amount of hours that one should sleep on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential to monitor how your child feels when getting out of bed. Sufficient sleep provides your child with enough energy to get through the day’s activities. Therefore, it is crucial to establish an effective sleep routine. Developing a sleep routine helps you and your kids sleep better as your bodies will get accustomed to sleeping and waking up at a specified time. Irregular sleeping patterns negatively affect their concentration during the day; kids also struggle to sleep when they go to bed earlier. The development of a sleep routine is an essential component of the family child care health and safety checklist. You can also use bedtime as an effective and efficient way of connecting with your kids emotionally. This fosters a stronger relationship, thus enhancing communication between you and your child.

Open Expression of Feelings

It is essential to create a strong bond and friendship with your child. Children are facing a lot of stress and anxiety more now than ever, primarily because of the pandemic and its uncertainty. The bond with your child will help him or her open up to you about what is going on. Allowing your child to vent to you allows you to identify and correct problems at an early stage before they spiral out of control. You also get to provide solutions and guidance to your children. Moreover, you get the opportunity to assert to them that everything they are experiencing is normal and just a phase of life. This helps them get past those phases quickly. You can also get to discuss such issues at a medical spa where you are less stressed and comfortable. These measures will enhance the effectiveness of the family child care health and safety checklist. Children feel safer discussing issues with you when you have a great relationship.

Control Their Viewership

TV programs and films usually indicate the recommended age for viewing, and this may not necessarily stop your child from watching the show. Let us face it with the internet, and your child can watch anything they please. It is therefore essential to set measures and ground rules that govern their behaviors. For instance, gadgets and the internet come with a parent control feature that helps you restrict them from reaching specific sites and content. The feature also helps you to monitor their activity online. Spending too much time watching programs and on social media is the leading cause of the increased stress and anxiety among children. Children perceive the information they get from these platforms as the gospel truth, and this makes them subconscious about their appearance and character. For instance, your child may request to visit an allergy doctor to gain peer acceptance. You can limit their screen time by venturing more into outdoor activities. This helps enhance their physical activity, thus emphasizing the family child care health and safety checklist.

Proper Hygiene and Sanitary Practices

Advocating for proper hygiene and sanitary practices in your household enhances the safety and health of your children. For instance, washing your hands regularly, especially after visiting the washrooms and before eating, protects your child from contracting unwanted diseases. It also minimizes the spread of germs. Employing preventative medicine guidelines such as coughing and sneezing into your sleeve, sanitizing, and disinfecting contaminated surfaces keeps illnesses at bay. Furthermore, you should ensure that your kids get their immunizations on time. Regular screening also helps with the early identification and treatment of infections. Proper hygiene practices are an essential part of the family child care health and safety checklist.

Vet the Sitter

Vetting the sitter is an essential precautionary measure that every parent needs to take. Trusting a complete stranger with your child is not as simple as it seems. Many things could go wrong while you are away. It is advisable to use a sitter that was referred to you by friends or family or one that you have worked with before and established a bit of trust. Installing hidden cameras all over your house will also allow you to monitor the seater via your phone to ensure that everything is in check and that your child is safe. Some children may not be able to communicate correctly and pass information when they face abuse. Establishing trust with your caregiver tops the family child care health and safety checklist.

Creating an Enabling Environment

This means that you get to enhance comfort in your home to allow kids to thrive. The environment should be safe and nurturing. For instance, if you have pets in your home, you should get animal control to train them to avoid any setbacks and inconveniences in the future. Your home should be childproof in the sense that the child is able to move around the house safely without the supervision of an adult. You should also have booster seats installed in your car to cater to your children’s needs and safety while moving around in the car. Booster seats enhance the protection of your child in case an accident occurs; they are able to fasten their seat belts firmly. An enabling environment is a critical element to the family child care health and safety checklist.

As indicated above, raising a child requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice. Negligence and lack of preparedness can lead to a catastrophic turn of events. Fostering a strong bond and relationship with your child enhances communication; this allows you to get firsthand information about what is going on in their lives. Installing monitors in the children’s room will also help you monitor their wellbeing while asleep. Create the family child care health and safety checklist today and safeguard your children from harm.

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