4 Tips for Choosing a Dependable Plastic Surgeon


If you decide to get plastic surgery, you need to make sure that you go to a qualified surgeon for the procedure. The plastic surgeon goes through extensive training to do their work. If you choose someone who has skipped that training, you could get injured in their care.

To find the best plastic surgery practice, you should look for clinics specializing in the type of plastic surgery you want. So, if you wish to have rhinoplasty surgery, find surgeons that provide it. Then, look at their qualifications and the reviews from other patients.

You can also ask plastic surgeons online for more information before the procedure. Either email the clinic or talk to a professional on a different website. As long as you find a good source, you can get honest answers about what to expect.

Surgeons do the best plastic surgery makeovers with the right experience and training. You don’t want to risk going to a bad plastic surgeon, so don’t skip the vetting process. Instead, take your time and look over all of your potential surgeons carefully.


When it comes to cosmetic surgery, few choices are straightforward. Deciding that you want to change the way you look is difficult enough, and the wide variety of procedures available makes decision-making even more challenging. How does a person know which surgery is the right choice?

No matter which body procedures you decide to get, be sure you choose the best plastic surgeon in your area. Selecting an experienced, top-rated, and personable plastic surgeon can help ensure that you love your results.

Thinking about getting cosmetic surgery? Use this guide to choose a plastic surgeon that’s right for you:

1. Check The Doctor’s Credentials

The very first quality you should look for in a plastic surgeon is her credentials. While all surgeons must be certified by the state medical board, no law requires surgeons to have specific training for each procedure they advertise. Therefore, also check to make sure that your plastic surgeon is certified by both your state and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. The ABCS ensures cosmetic surgeons have specific training and education in the field of plastic surgery.

2. Be Procedure-Specific

After checking for board certification, read the doctor’s website to learn about her procedure specialties. If a doctor commonly performs rhinoplasty and facial changes, and you’re looking for breast augmentation, consider going elsewhere. Also, research whether the surgeon leans towards non-surgical procedures or surgical procedures. Finally, examine previous patients’ before and after photos to get a sense of what changes a doctor can offer you personally.

3. See What Other Patients Have to Say

Reading online reviews is another strategy for better understanding a plastic surgeon’s expertise and patient rapport. If a doctor has received many scathing reviews, definitely look for a different plastic surgeon.

4. Ask Questions During a Consultation

The best way to know if you’ll like a plastic surgeon is to meet her in person. Ask if a practice offers free or low-cost consultations, and during your evaluation, ask any questions you may have. Your plastic surgeon should make you feel comfortable and heard. You should feel like you can trust the doctor will work towards exactly the results you desire.

In 2017, surgical cosmetic procedures were up by about 11%. In other words, people are increasingly choosing cosmetic surgery to change the way they look. Join the crowd, and find a dependable and acclaimed plastic surgeon near you. Use this guide to find the perfect cosmetic surgeon for your unique needs.

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