Care for the Skin and Body


Health care sometimes means medicine, surgery, or dieting to boost one’s health and achieve a better lifestyle, but getting healthy and recovering from mental or physical ills does not have to involve surgery, needles, or expensive trips to the doctor. A wide range of services are available for adult Americans today who want to relieve tension in their bodies (and by extension, their minds too), as well as cosmetic work such as touching up the eyebrows, fingernails, and more, and entire industries have sprung up around these desires. A person can visit a massage therapy center or a nail or eyebrow salon for these jobs, and a person can also buy the right products to get the job done themselves, such as professional massage tools, professional hair removal tools, facial kits, manicure and pedicure supplies, and more that can be found at dedicated retailers. How popular are these services and the products related to them, and what kind of results can a person expect from a pro massage or from using professional massage tools?

Massages and Bodily Cosmetics

Very popular are the industries for spa treatment, massages, eyebrow microblading or treatment, and more, and many customers every year visit shops and parlors for these services or else buy their own professional massage tools and retail spa products to get similar results at home. Just how common is it for Americans to go after these products and services? A survey conducted in 2017, for example, found that around 52% of American consumers are using skin care products every day, and a year before that, the two top selling skin care products were facial cleansers (295 million products sold) and acne treatment (101 million products sold). This may grow only more popular with time; experts say that by the year 2024, the skincare market worldwide could reach a value of $180 billion.

Other products are also selling well among women today. As of 2018, for example, nearly 104.24 million American women are using nail polish or nail care products in the year 2018, and eyebrows are another popular arena for personal bodily cosmetics. Many women take great care of their eyebrows to adjust the overall shape and the color and fullness of the hair, and this has extended to the sharing of well-groomed eyebrows on social media like Instagram, complete with unique hash tags to declare a pair of eyebrows well done. Professional eyebrow products may be found at major retailers in malls or in shopping squares, along with spa equipment and professional massage tools for those interested. If no local stores offer products like these, a customer may visit a brand’s online catalog and browse for the items that they want the most. A good online catalog will make use of large, clear photographs to show exactly what an item looks like, and the catalog will also have a search engine, accurate tags on the products’ names, and descriptions of the item’s purpose and uses, as well as price and shipping information. Any good catalog will be easy to browse and find items in.

Why a Massage or Spa?

Among both men and women, massages and spas are3 highly popular routes for relaxation in the former’s case and skin care in the latter’s case. Professional massage tools, along with expert hands, can allow someone to administer a massage to relax tense muscles and relieve joint pain, stress (physical and otherwise), allow for better blood flow, and more, and even soothe nerve trouble. Massages and their techniques date back many years, and medical experts over the centuries have studied the human body and the best ways to relieve its pain and stresses. Spas, meanwhile, are more focused on skin care, although being relaxed in a steam-filled room, dressed in only a robe or towel can also have a calming effect on the mind and body. In this case, a spa can use moisture and heat to open pores on the skin and help slow down or prevent undesirable skin conditions, and while this is generally most popular among women, anyone who wants effective, relaxing skin care can find spa equipment in a store or visit a parlor.

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