Four Ways You Can Increase Your Pain Tolerance

Do you suffer from chronic pain in places like your knees and your back? Are you looking for a way to relieve pain that interferes with your ability to complete simple, everyday tasks? Are you dealing with pain in the aftermath of a major surgery?

The harsh truth of it is that millions of folks (about 1.5 billion) suffer every day from some kind of chronic pain, whether it’s fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy or any number of other chronic aliments such as back pain (which Americans spend $50 billion a year getting treated for).

As debilitating as pain can be, it’s very subjective and varies from person to person. It’s all dependent on the interactions of a person’s nerves and brain. It’s seems too often that people in constant and chronic pain are treated subjectively when it comes to pain thresholds, especially when describing how bad their pain is.

When you feel pain in your knee, your neck, your back or anywhere else, you’re feeling it because nerves are

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Hair Replacement Services From Follicular Unit Extraction to Other State-of-the-Art Technologies

On a daily basis, both men and women experience some level of hair loss. This is considered to be normal when it amounts to losing an average of 50-to-100 hairs per day. For those individuals that experience significant hair loss, however, this tends to occur over a 20-year period. Within the United States, for example, roughly 35 million men and 21 million women currently experience significant hair loss.

Primary Causes of Hair Loss

When men and women experience significant hair loss, it may point to a variety of conditions. In addition to genetic factors, hair loss may also be attributed to an underlying health condition. Environmental factors may also contribute to, or otherwise exacerbate, hair loss.

Genetic hair loss is known to affect roughly 82% of adults. For men, 95% of their hair loss is due to the condition referred to as common male pattern baldness. Even though environmental factors can accelerate the hair loss process, it will usually take a person bet

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The Right Clinics for Pain Management and Urgent Care

The American health industry is a big one, and that’s hardly surprising. Americans of all ages and walks of life may sometimes become ill, get injured, or decide that they should lose some weight. Pain management may be necessary if someone has chronic back pain or if they are recovering from an injury, and someone who needs pain management can visit a pain clinic or a family practice doctor of theirs. Meanwhile, other Americans, after visiting their family practice doctor, may be told that they are obese and should lose weight to improve their health. Your primary care physician may recommend a new diet and exercise routine, and this may double as pain management since a lower body weight relieves stress on the ankles and knees. Finally, urgent care centers are a fine option for pain management or for minor medical cases such as a cut or catching the flu.

Pain Management fo

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