If You’ve Got an Urgent Medical Issue, Head for a Walk-In Clinic

Urgent care tukwila wa

Illness and injury don’t always occur on a nine to five schedule. In fact, people often get hurt or sick at night or on the weekends. When that happens, you can go to the emergency room, but that can be expensive and also cause you to wait for hours for care. A good alternative is to go to an urgent care center or quick clinic. Most urgent care centers have hours that are more extensive than doctor’s offices, and 85% of them are open seven days a week. That makes them a great option for after-hours medical care.

The urgent care industry has become big business. It’s estimated that around 3 million people in the U.S. go to an urgent care center ea

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4 Steps to Follow Before a Dermatology Appointment

Acne treatment

Many people throughout the world will experience acne at some point during their lives. In fact, statistics show that 85% of people report having acne at one time or another. People of all ages can be affected by acne, not just those who are in their teens. If you’re seeking treatment for acne, you might want to consider visiting a medical dermatologist. In fact, one of the top four causes of uneven skin tone is discoloration that takes place due to the development of acne scars. With that in mind, here are four steps to take before visiting a dermatologist for acne treatment.

  1. Bring List of Current Skin Products<
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Sports Injuries for Children ER vs Doctor

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For American kids, there are many sports to play that require kids to wear pads, have protective equipment, and check themselves often for injuries. Kids are kids though and sometimes they won’t be entirely aware of their injuries enough to tell their parents, especially if the event takes place in the backyard rather than a sponsored event.

American kids have many dangerous sports to play. They include football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track and field, and more. Football remains the most prevalent case of injuries, with basketball second, and baseball third. Hockey does not rank in the top three possibly due to the padding but also perhaps due to the lack of participation.

The statistics are: The most dangerous youth sports are football, basketball, and baseball. Each year, more than 215,00

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