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Advantages of Urgent Care

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There are many reasons to visit a local urgent care, but the time you can save when you or someone in your family needs care from a doctor is arguably one of the best. The time between the realization that you need to see a doctor and the time you actually get that care can be longer than you’d like, especially if you opt to visit an emergency room or to vie for an appointment with a family physician. To ensure you or your family and friends get the care you need to relieve discomfort as soon as possible, consider a visit to an urgent care facility. While the advantages of urgent care are numerous, it’s not difficult to see why many people choose a local urgent care for time considerations, whether it’s wait time or hours of operation.

One of the advantages of urgent care is wait tim...

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Urgent Care or Emergency Room Which One is Right for You

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Emergency rooms and urgent care centers both treat a variety of conditions for patients. You can get proper care from both settings; however there are some major differences. Knowing whether it is best to be seen by an ER physician or visit your nearest urgent care express center can save time and money.

Emergency Rooms

Emergency rooms are equipped with knowledgeable staff familiar with dealing with a variety of issues from life threatening to minor uncomfortable health concerns. You can be sure that your condition will be addressed properly; however you will spend considerably more money by going to the ER. Emergency rooms are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, even when your doctor’s office is closed. Your wait time in an emergency room can be considerably long, depending

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3 Benefits of Urgent Care

urgent careAnyone who has ever been in the emergency room will tell you that if they had another care option, they would jump at it. Urgent care provides much of the same care, for less money and less time. There are so many benefits to visiting these centers. Read on for just a few of these benefits.

Less Wait
Over 69% of centers get their patients in for care in under 20 minutes. This translates to faster treatment, allowing you or your loved one to get back home to rest or heal. ER wait times range from a half hour to several hours in comparison, and often, if you have a ‘lesser’ injury, you will wait quite a while for any care. Rather than waiting in a waiting room for hours on end, go to these clinics and they will treat you efficiently and expertly.

Less Money
If you’ve ever been to the ER, you...

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