3 Benefits of Urgent Care


urgent careAnyone who has ever been in the emergency room will tell you that if they had another care option, they would jump at it. Urgent care provides much of the same care, for less money and less time. There are so many benefits to visiting these centers. Read on for just a few of these benefits.

Less Wait
Over 69% of centers get their patients in for care in under 20 minutes. This translates to faster treatment, allowing you or your loved one to get back home to rest or heal. ER wait times range from a half hour to several hours in comparison, and often, if you have a ‘lesser’ injury, you will wait quite a while for any care. Rather than waiting in a waiting room for hours on end, go to these clinics and they will treat you efficiently and expertly.

Less Money
If you’ve ever been to the ER, you know that a few weeks later you get an astronomical bill from the care you received. Luckily, for many Americans, their insurance covers it. But think about someone with limited coverage when you’re looking at the breakdown in costs. Saving money is a priority for many who visit urgent care clinics. Emergency care is often too expensive for the average family, and since these walk in health clinics aim to treat as much as possible, it’s no longer necessary to go straight to the ER.

Less Restriction
Did you know that just 29% of primary doctors have after-hours care? Urgent care, on the other hand, has 85% of their walk in clinics open seven days a week, with 95% closing later than seven in the evening.

Have you been to an urgent care center lately? What was your experience like? Would you recommend it to others? We would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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