Urgent Care Testing and Treatment over the Winter Months


Illness and injury can be a constant concern over the winter months. The combination of colder weather and a lowered immune system can be a recipe for disaster. Additionally, some individuals may neglect yearly checkups which can be an additional preventative measure for keeping health concerns at bay.

One of the best ways to mitigate costs and recover faster is by visiting your local urgent care clinic as soon as you suspect something may be amiss. Some of the services that many urgent care clinics offer include: treating sports injuries, dehydration, cuts, burns, abdominal pain, and STD testing, flu shots, and testing for tb infection.

There are many ways to find the right urgent care clinic for you. If it is a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or call an ambulance. If it is not a medical emergency a great way to find an urgent care clinic is by looking online by searching “24 hour urgent care” or a similar phrase.

One important aspect of urgent care activities is testing for various illnesses and injuries. Urgent care clinics can test for various illnesses such as STD testing, bites and rashes, and testing for tb infection. A few important symptoms for tuberculosis include: coughing, pain while breathing, and unintentional weight loss. Most clinics will have no problem testing for tb infection or other illnesses if you present concerning symptoms.

Another major complaint during the winter months is orthopedic pain. Some studies suggest that every day, nearly 25,000 U.S Citizens will sprain an ankle and over 80% of sprains are due to incorrectly rolling the ankle. Urgent care clinics offer physical therapy options, and have physical therapy equipment to help reduce pain and heal the inflammation.

Urgent care clinics are also extremely helpful for treating various bronchial infections and inflammation. Strep throat and tuberculosis can become more threatening in winter due to cold temperatures, and most urgent care clinics will help with treatment and testing for tb, pneumonia, and other throat and lung related illnesses.

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