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4 Common Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea You Should Not Ignore

cpap machineWe all need sleep to function. Not only does a bad night’s sleep lead to crankiness, exhaustion, and many cups of coffee, consistently tossing and turning each night can lead to many health conditions. But what happens if you try time and time again to get a restful night’s sleep, and only wake up feeling confused and sleepy? You may have sleep apnea.

About 18 million Americans have sleep apnea, and while this ailment is typically classified by heavy breathing and snoring, there are actually many different serious health issues that can arise besides just snoring. Considering the fact that two to four percent of Americans have an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea, leading to up to 38,000 deaths per year, it is incredibly important to be vigilant in noticing what is going on within your body...

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3 Lessons From Summer Camp to Remember All Year Long

fitness centerSummer’s over, and your child is surely still feeling separation pangs from summer camp. The realities of school and cooler weather are here, or they are fast approaching. But the many benefits of a summer spent away at camp don’t need to simply dissipate into the fall air. They can be extended all year long.

In fact, here are three strategies to help you make that dream a reality:

Sign Up For New Classes

One of the coolest things about camp is how it got your child to try new activities that they otherwise would have never explored. Even if you’re reluctant to encourage a newfound interest in bows and arrows, that kind of adventurousness shouldn’t be exclusively reserved for camp...

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Cats Are Content Most of the Time — Which is Costing Vet’s Offices Bigtime

veterinarian equipmentThe U.S. is predominantly made up of animal lovers. We keep all sorts of pets, occasionally those we probably shouldn’t. By far and away, cats and dogs are our favorite animals to live with, and they can almost be considered our unofficial national animals. Some living in America would sure like them to be.

Consider that there are upwards of 350 million people living in America today. Around 46 million of us own dogs, and a slightly smaller section of individuals own cats (38.9 million households). That shows exactly how common these animals are in our lives.

Still, U.S. clinics say they’re not seeing our cats enough, potentially leaving them open to health risks. It also affects a clinic’s ability to purchase and maintain the latest and most advanced veterinarian equipment available.

In f...

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