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How can you hide from cold and flu season without being its victim

The season is setting in, that time where the coughing and chills pair up with sneezing and sometimes the occasional fever. That’s it folks, cold and flu season is coming without quilling its rage their year. Of course, you don’t have the time for either one of these aliments to hold you back from the daily work that you do. Considering that Americans get roughly a billion colds every year you may not be able to escape these vicious infections. But what can you do to try and take care of yourself before rushing directly to urgent care for medical treatment? Well let’s take a look and find out if there is anything that will prevent you from being one of the 20% of Americans who end up with the flu or the one billion who suffer from colds.

Shots are your friend

One of the easiest ways to hide from the flu is to make sure that you get your flu sh

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