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High Times The Shocking Truth About Cannabis That Medical Marijuana Doctors Want Everyone to Know

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The green machine. Mary Jane. Ganja. Herb. Reggie. Loud. Dubs. Buds. Weed. Cannabis. Marijuana. Whatever you call it, however you consume or don’t consume it, whatever you think about or don’t think about it, attitudes towards this plant are beginning to change — and for the better. The mere mention of marijuana is enough to make some people laugh with joy while making others cringe in discomfort and judgement. However science doesn’t lie, and regardless of your own personal beliefs about marijuana, there’s no denying that this miracle plant packs a serious medicinal punch that can help treat and even cure a variety of physical, mental, and emotional ailments.

Cannabis hasn’t always had such a bad rep. In fact, in many ancient cultures, it was regarded as a sacred healing plant that provided

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