What to Know About Invisalign for Adults


Invisalign has become the popular alternative to braces for children, but is it a good option for adults? Luckily, invisalign is a great option for adults. Here is what you need to know about invisalign for adults and what to expect when you start invisalign treatment.

Why would you use invisalign instead of traditional braces? The biggest advantage is that you can continue to live your life normally while fixing your teeth. Since invisalign is not visible, a working adult can wear them at work, on dates, and at events without feeling embarrassed.

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Like braces, it is normal to feel pressure when using invisalign aligners. You can expect to feel pressure for up to three days when using a new set of aligners.

The aligners are easy to clean. You can use a standard toothbrush and some soapy water to clean out any food. Always rinse the aligner before you use it.

Coffee and tea stain teeth, so if you drink either of these beverages be sure to remove your aligners first. The aligners should also be removed when you eat meals. It is safe to drink water while wearing aligners.

For more tips on using invisalign liners as an adult, see the linked video.


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