What Are Dental Services?


If like many of us, you haven’t been to the dentist during the pandemic, there are a few changes you should know. You can still receive dental services, but the process of visiting the dentist has changed. Read on so you can be prepared.

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Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are limited appointments each day due to social distancing and the number of patients allowed in the office. Because of this, priority will be given to urgent problems like toothaches over regular cleanings.

Be on time for your appointment. You may be used to the dentist’s office running behind, but now you will be given an exact time and will not be allowed in too early or late.

A face covering will be required while waiting or anytime you are not receiving dental services. The staff will also be wearing a face mask and personal protective equipment such as gloves for safety.

Make sure to follow any information sent to you before your appointment whether it be email, text, or a phone call. Once the science says it is safe to do so, the number of appointments each day will increase again.


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