What Is a Herniated Disc?



What is a herniated disc? A herniated disc is just one of many causes of back pain. In the US, lower back pain is one of the biggest causes of missed work and job related disability, making it a very serious issue for many people. People in the US spend more than $50 billion every year to treat back pain. If you are suffering from back pain and have begun to ask questions like “What is a herniated disc?”, you are not alone and there are plenty of treatment options available for you.

What is a herniated disc? Your spine is made of a series of small bones, called vertebrae. Between each of these bones is a thin segment of connective tissue that pads the joint between the bones. This is a disc. Especially if you have a job that requires you to be very active or to lift heavy objects regularly, your discs and related tissues can be damaged in several different ways, including by herniation. Herniation is a specific injury wherein the outer part of a disc tears, allowing the soft tissue inside to be forced out into the wrong location, causing pain.

However, it is just one of many types of injury that can cause lower back pain. Strained muscles, injured ligaments, and other forms of join strain can also cause these symptoms. Also, despite these many causes, back pain is often classified by duration, rather than injury type: acute back pain is short lasting, sub acute is that of intermediate duration, and chronic back pain is long lasting. Degenerative disc disease, while more common in the lower back, can happen all alone the spine, so these symptoms are not limited to lower back pain. If you are still asking questions like “What is a herniated disc?” or would like to get advice on herniated disc treatment options, like herniated disc surgery, you should consult a physician. Continue reading here.

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