What Happens to Biomedical Waste?


Have you ever wondered what happens to biomedical waste? Watch this video by Stericycle waste management for a comprehensive explanation. Companies like Stericycle go every step to comply and ensure that the laws regulating medical waste disposal are abided by.

Biomedical waste goes through different stages before being completely rid of.

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The steps are to ensure the safety of those handling the waste and those around it.

You’ll always notice a special separate storage or bin with the words “medical waste” on it; this is the first step in the cycle of safely disposing of the waste.

Proper packaging of biochemical waste is essential, including adding labels per state law and biowaste instructions.

The waste should also be stored accurately and safely according to individual state laws. When the day comes for the waste to be collected, there is also the documentation involved and a process before the waste is transported to be recycled and disposed of or incinerated, depending on the waste products. Waste is also treated to ensure that it is no longer hazardous.

After effectively disposing of the waste, a record is added, and all details are stored on file for a set period. These documents are necessary and must comply with the law.

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