Weight Loss Solutions for Obese Americans


Updated 3/18/24

Obesity has become a serious epidemic in America, and people aren’t taking it as seriously as they should. However, this disease doesn’t just happen because someone eats too much. Preexisting conditions and even medications can cause weight gain, meaning it’s vital to find solutions as soon as possible. For example, ketamine treatments have been associated with weight loss because they help the underlying issue.

Aside from a poor diet, people with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, etc. tend to gain weight because they’re not mobile enough. Other diseases can cause obesity as well. However, you must understand that you can’t turn to a drastic way to diet because that’s not a real solution. You need to see professional help, like general physicians, nutritionists, therapists, and more, to treat what’s truly wrong in a healthy, sustainable way.

Once you make lifestyle changes that you can keep up with, you’ll see actual results. The idea is to try to lose weight naturally, not forcing it with heavy medication, extreme food restrictions, etc. Dropping the weight too quickly can be even more dangerous than obesity itself. On the other hand, there’s a benefit to losing fat, so start your health journey today. Let’s find out more.

Starting at a Young Age

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Obesity is a major problem in the United States. More than two-thirds of the entire adult U.S. population is considered obese. This number has significantly grown over the last few decades because of so many reasons.

It all starts with the children. When kids are young they have so much more energy than adults. If those young energy-filled children use that energy for good like playing outside, running around, sports, and other physical activities, they are going to be encouraged to continue that lifestyle later on in life.

However, if those kids are lazy at a young age: spending hours on end playing video games, eating too much junk food, and never playing outside, those kids are going to grow up to become even lazier and more out of shape.

As difficult as it may be, there are plenty of medical weight loss solutions and other ways of losing weight. Every situation is different and every person handles weight loss differently, but if you are serious about it, losing the weight could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Here are a few weight loss options:


It sound simple enough, but changing a person’s diet after years of consistent unhealthy habits is very difficult. You have to take baby steps. It’s nearly impossible to go from five or six large meals a day to only two or three with a few snacks in between. You have to start slow and then you can build up to more experienced dieting tips.

One of the best ways to limit your calorie intake and shed some pounds is to stop snacking on junk food. Replacing Doritos and cookies with healthy snacks like peanuts can really change a diet.

Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Medical weight loss programs are for those who struggle a little more with obesity than the average person. Although the average person is in fact obese, 6.3% of Americans have extreme obesity. Consulting with board certified bariatric surgeons, going over gastric bypass requirements with your doctor, and just talking with medical professionals about different types of weight loss surgery can all be successful medical weight loss solutions.


Another seemingly easy thing to pick up, exercise should be done by everyone. Again, far too many people don’t start small so they get too burnt out too fast. If you don’t exercise and you decide to try professional marine-level workout routines to start with, you’re not going to last. Start off small. Even if you’re extremely overweight and out of shape, just begin by going for long walks and burning off some calories that way.

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