Two Tips For Healthy And Effective Weight Loss


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Over two in three U.S. men and women are overweight or obese. On top of that, 60% of Americans snack all of the time — with one-fifth of their total calories coming from snack foods alone. There’s a correlation here, and some relatively small and simple adjustments can fix it. Many medical weight loss programs, for instance, focus on proper nutrition and the advice isn’t always as crazy or over-the-top as you might think. Here are a rapid weight loss tips that nearly all health professionals can get onboard with:

1. Black-And-White Thinking Is Bad

A lot of Americans are unsuccessful when it comes to dieting or starting a new exercise regime, and it’s always for the same exact reason: A lot of people practice black-and-white thinking. The vast majority of adults will binge after eating a cookie or extra piece of cake, because they believe “they have already ruined their diet anyway.” Similarly, many people will miss a few days at the gym, and then resolve never to go again because they “already messed up.” This is a horrible way of thinking. Allow yourself the occasional treat, but don’t get off-track. If you miss a day or two (even three!) at the gym, don’t sweat it — just make sure to stick to your schedule and go — no excuses! — the next few days.

2. A Serving Size Probably Isn’t What You Think It Is

Eat smaller portions, and pay attention to the serving size on labels. Several packages actually contain two or three servings, even though they may appear like a single serving. For example, a medium soda usually contains about 20 ounces of soda. The recommended serving size of sugary beverages is typically just eight ounces, however. On the flip side of the equation, many Americans are eating too few fruits and vegetables — just 1.1 and 1.6 times per day respectively. Adults should increase this intake to three to four servings of vegetables and four servings of fruit, according to the American Heart Association (AHA). In other words, the key to medically supervised weight loss is often portion control.

Medical weight loss programs, medical weight loss center, and healthy rapid weight loss focus on some relatively simple principles — like persistence, overcoming black-and-white thinking, and making sure to eat proper portion sizes.

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