Low Testosterone What You Should Know About This Serious Medical Issue


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Testosterone deficiency (otherwise known as low testosterone of “low T”) is a serious medical condition that affects up to 13 million American men. Yet incredibly, only one out of 10 of them will seek treatment. There is an alarming lack of awareness of this grave illness. As the name suggests, low testosterone is a lower-than-normal level of testosterone in the male body, which is defined as being lower than 300 ng/dL. Though testosterone levels on average naturally decline after the age of 30, men with low T face something much more serious than that. If left untreated, testosterone deficiency can lead to a slew of symptoms including increased body fat, decreased muscle mass, lack of focus and energy, sleeping problems, anxiety, and depression. It is even known to decrease life expectancy.

Doctors continue to research low T in order to find better treatments. Today, doctors aren’t completely sure what causes the disorder; lack of exercise, poor diet, genetics, endocrine diseases, and physical damage to the genitals have all been proposed as possible causes or at least contributing factors. Regardless, patients with low T need not fear. Treatments are available for men with the condition, the most popular of which being testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

What is TRT? Testosterone replacement therapy is the process in which a patient receives synthetic testosterone. Administered in several ways — for example, by injection, gels, and even small pellets embedded directly under the skin — the treatment has been shown to increase testosterone levels. But more importantly, it significantly improves the patient’s quality of life. Patients that undergo TRT can start to feel like their old selves again in a matter of weeks. Patients report having more energy, feeling physically better, and even mentally better!

If you notice decreased muscle mass, chronic fatigue or other symptoms and suspect you may have low T, be sure to have it checked out immediately.

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