The Use and Maintenance of CPAP Machines


Home test for sleep apnea

CPAP machines are used in the treatment of sleep apnea, which is a disorder where the afflicted person stops breathing for several seconds to several minutes during sleep. The cpap machine uses constant air pressure to prevent the throat from closing and ensures continuous breathing while eliminating snoring.

For those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, there is a good possibility you will need a cpap machine. Usually, a nurse or other medical specialist will be available to show you how to use your machine but here are some ins and outs of cpap machine general use and information.

  • Cost: The cost of a cpap machine varies depending on whether you’re using a new or pre-owned cpap machine and ranges anywhere from $500 and $3,000. Luckily, insurance usually covers the cost of the machine if you can’t afford to purchase one outright, especially if you are over a certain age and receive medicare, then your doctor can document that the machine is, in fact, helping for longer coverage.

  • Settings: The cpap settings on your machine when first starting treatment are generally at their lowest and gradually increased to effectively prevent hypopnea and snoring. There will be controls on your machine that will enable you to adjust the pressure and humidity levels and should also come with a manual. In most cases, your machine will be pre-set for you by a nurse or one will come by to actively show you how to work the device.

  • Cleaning: Although cleaning a cpap machine is relatively simple, you should be careful not to get water into the machine when removing the chamber from the humidifier. After the chamber is removed wash with warm soapy water and let dry on a cloth or paper towel, then reassemble.

Sleep apnea occurs in an estimated 18 million Americans, is more common among men than women, and can often go untreated. Unfortunately for those who have sleep apnea and are unaware the risk for stroke is four times higher without treatment. You can ask your provider about a home sleep test for sleep apnea if you think you may be afflicted or just to set your mind at ease.

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