Benefits of Purchasing Used Cpap Machines


Sleep apnea mask

Sleep apnea affects approximately 18 million Americans making cpap machines a very popular tool. Diagnosing your symptoms is only half of the battle, acquiring the proper equipment is the other half, and using your equipment is the final piece. When shopping for the right machine, consider all of your options including new machines and browsing pre-owned inventory of certified cpap and bipap machines.

What Type of Machine do You Need

There are many types of cpap machines available. You must know what type or style of machine you need to order. If you have a copy of the prescription use that to browse the pre-owned inventory of certified cpap and bipap machines to find the one that you need.

Where do Used Machines Come From

There are a number of reasons why people no longer wish to use their machines. If you have researched the cost of a cpap machine, you will find they are not cheap. Knowing how the pre-owned inventory of certified cpap and bipap machines comes to be helps some feel a little less weary about purchasing used equipment.

Trying the Product: Many people try their product and decide that they do not like it causing them to return it with very few hours of use on it.

Changes in Therapy: Some users start out with a cpap machine and are later switched to a bipap machine. This leaves them with a perfectly good unusable model.

Trade in Programs: Some users have older models they have used for many years. Special programs allow users to trade in their older models for credit towards a newer model machine.

No matter what you reason is for searching pre-owned inventory of certified cpap and bipap machines make sure to ask questions and speak with a representative. Ask questions to make sure you are getting the right machine, and inquire about possible warranties. Make sure that all removable and replaceable parts have been checked and replaced in needed before making a purchase. Ask to see if your used machine comes with a manual to instruct you on proper care and cleaning instructions.

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