The Link Between Spritual Energy and Healing


Energy and healing

For thousands of years before modern medicine, people have had to find natural and alternative remedies to cure their ailments. Even with modern medicine, many still try and stay connected with these natural remedies and techniques to live a healthier life. Studies have shown that there may be a connection between energy and healing to stay healthy and find alternative therapies for ailments.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Daoist masters of China practiced internal medicine through a variety of techniques that were thought to both purify the body and prepare the spirit. Today, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is recognized as many for its practical approach to medicine using traditional herbal treatments along with other processes like acupuncture and aromatherapy. In TCM, many digestive disorders have to do with a person’s diet, of which there are cold and hot foods. Hot foods include fried and fatty foods, while cold foods include soups, grilled foods, and raw vegetables. Along with a proper diet, may TCM doctors prescribe herbal remedies for fatigue, constipation, and even stress. In 2009, up to 245,921 people died as a result of digestive diseases, which affect anywhere from 60 to 70 million people around the globe.


Since its application in early Indian ascetic practices, yoga has become a popular way to stay fit and find relaxation. Yoga is all about body control by putting the body in a variety of poses while focusing on breathing in order to achieve a sense of tranquility. Yoga and meditation together have been proved to help those who suffer from anxiety disorders. Only one-third of those with such disorders are receiving any treatment. Approximately 18% of the population suffer from anxiety disorders, yoga can be one form of treatment to the open minded.

Alternative Energy and Healing

Many clinics are opening up to the possibility that many patients can benefit from these traditional techniques in practices. For about half of those who suffer from migraines, their condition remains undiagnosed and untreated; nearly half of those with migraines suffer one or more attacks per month and 13% claim one or more attacks per week. There are studies that show those who suffer from migraines or severe headaches are three times more likely to develop depression than healthy individuals. If modern treatments have failed in the past, consider trying holistic migraine treatment using natural ways to cure a headache.

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