Massage The Stress Away With A Home Massage Kit


Mattress massage

Are you looking for a way to beat the stress in your life? It can be so hard to slow down during your day and really take the time to unwind that you need. Many people may feel like they don’t deserve to have some time to pamper themselves or simply feel like they don’t have the time at all. However, relaxing and indulging every now and then has been proven to have health benefits, make you happier, and even increase your productivity. Don’t think of it as slacking off — think of it as well used time recharging, so you can get back to your crazy schedule full force! One great way to unwind is getting a massage. You don’t have to even go outside your home — there are mattress massage kits, home massage kits, and portable massage kits that you can bring right home with you!
What Are The Benefits of Massage?

  • Pain Reduction
  • If you suffer from chronic pain or even sporadic pain, over 90% of consumers have reported that massages can help lower pain levels. In 2011, showed that while eight of ten Americans have crippling lower back pain, a massage can really help alleviate those affects. It made those patients feel and perform better than the patients who didn’t receive massages. Additionally, if you suffer from headaches, a study from 2009 yielded results showing that a half hour massage could help ease that pain.

  • Health
  • If you don’t believe that massages can do things for your health, maybe you should talk to the 71% of doctors and healthcare providers who referred their 54 million patients to a therapist or who encouraged massage therapy. Physicians, chiropractors, and physical therapists all highly endorse massage therapy as a way to heal and rejuvenate. Indeed, over 90% of individuals think that massage is an asset to general health and wellness. Lastly, in 2010, research showed that massage could boost your white blood cells — the little guys that help keep your immune system healthy! If you reduce stress with massage therapy, that can help give your immune system a boost too!

What At-Home Options Are There?
For people who might be squeamish about going out to strangers and paying what can often be hefty fees for a massage, never fear! Home massage products exist and are very useful. Your friends or significant other might even be able to help. A mattress massage kit can help transform your bed into a massage table so you can have your relaxation in the comfort of your own home. The mattress massage kit also tends to not be too extensive and is fairly easy to set up.
In addition to the massage set up, you may also purchase essential oils, hot stones, creams, and lotions to make your massage a more pleasurable experience. These can also make great gifts for a stressed family member or loved one.
You deserve to be pain-free and to have time for yourself that is pleasurable and relaxing. It can be beneficial for you and your whole family to take time out of busy schedules. Your dispositions, health, and overall state of mind will see changes for the better!
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