Serious Skin Care After Fifty What Beauty Experts Want Older Women to Know


Private label skin care cosmetics

Even during the winter, harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun can damage sensitive skin, especially on the face. Experts recommend using sunscreen all year round; coupled with gentle facial scrubs, damage and wrinkles may be kept to a minimum. Serious skin care starts with finding out whether skin tends to be dry, normal, or oily.

People who live in larger cities may find that constant exposure to environmental pollutants released by automobile traffic tend to affect all skin types; current skin care products often have antioxidants and peptides, a protein that skin care specialists say can help “plump” sagging or wrinkled skin. Experts also note that scrubbing the face too vigorously can strip the skin of oils that should remain intact.

Serious skin care
enthusiasts arm themselves with sunscreen and more delicate products; finding a routine that imparts moisture and radiance to the face can involve some experimentation. Cosmetic solutions for skin care can vary by manufacturer, and people may find that they prefer different scents. Organic skin care products are also popular, and are often sold at health food stores or online.

Good skin care
may involve lotion, gentle exfoliants, or a professional consultation with private label manufacturers for skin care. Natural skin products may impact clients’ skin differently in the summer months than in the winter. Serious skin care may require rotating high end private label cosmetics and skin care products throughout the year.

Every year, the fight against aging and damaged skin costs Americans more than $100 billion. Wrinkles can be exacerbated by pollution, stress, and lack of sleep. Age spots and dry skin may be as inevitable as finding that first gray hair, but with careful research and a bit of experimentation, many people are finding that they can mitigate environmental damage to sensitive skin.

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