3 Common Groups That Suffer From Skin Irritation From Tape


Allergic to bandage adhesive

Millions of people suffer an allergic reaction to bandage adhesive, but many don’t realize the cause until well after the fact. There are three basic types of adhesive allergies: irritant contact dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, immediate allergic reactions. When adhesives are in contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time (hours to days), a skin rash can occur in up to 50% of people. This is considered under the allergic contact dermatitis.

Typical Band-Aids are one common source of a rash from bandage adhesives, but there are other sources too. Here are three specific demographics that are susceptible to skin irritation from tape whether they’re aware or not.

  1. Athletes: Athletes use athletic tape all the time to wrap ankles, wrists, and virtually any other body part that might be ailing. It can provide extra support in addition to acting as a cut or wound care treatments. When the adhesive comes into contact with skin it can cause skin irritation from tape.
  2. Hikers: People who like to do things like camp and hike are also vulnerable to skin irritation from tape. Similar to the way athletes use it for extra support many hikers wrap their feet and ankles with some kind of tape for long treks through the wilderness.
  3. Surgery Patients: Skin irritation from bandage adhesive used post-surgery is another common cause. The tape used to protect from the elements possible infection can trap in moisture and sweat, which can lead you to need macerated skin treatment.

There are other areas this condition can be prevalent, such as the workplace. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that cuts and laceration injuries accounted for 4,120 job transfer or restriction cases in 2012. A rash of this kind can be prevented with a topical solution such as Tape Relief. If you fall in one of the above mentioned categories think about checking out this innovative product today.

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