Reducing the Common Dangers in a Home


How to Find the Risks in Your Home

As a homeowner, you naturally want to keep your home and property safe for your family and friends. There are a number of common dangers in a home that might not be as obvious or apparent yet can totally ruin your experience as a homeowner. More than just an inconvenience of a money trap, some of the most common dangers hiding in plain sight can put you and your daily at risk of serious injury. This is why it is essential that you take the necessary steps to identify, address, and prevent these dangers from impacting you and your home.

When you are looking for the most common dangers in a home there are many places to check. From apparent issues involving vital systems and components of the home to considering less obvious dangers, your work will never be done. Constant maintenance and repairs are a big part of the whole home ownership routine so these areas in mind and make sure you are giving enough attention to these locations.

House Fires

One of the biggest fears homeowners have is seeing their homes and possessions going up in flames. And while ensuring all fire alarms are installed properly and are in working order, there are other risks that can make fires a major concern. Of all the common dangers in a home issues that increase the chance of a fire are among the most critical to address. Removing clutter, keeping systems around the home in good working order, and cleaning the home regularly are all ways to reduce the chances of house fires.


As a homeowner, you think you are in control of your home and that everything you have worked hard for is safe and protected. Yet there is always a risk of burglary and the threat of a break-in. Thankfully you can overcome this concern by installing locks on the doors and windows, using interior blinds for added privacy, and installing an innovative alarm or security system. This is one of the common dangers in a home that you have to be proactive about and cannot afford to ever really let your guard down.

Some of the common dangers in a home can be a major inconvenience to you and your family or even put you in harm’s way at times. Issues with your locks and doors can lead to you or your family getting either locked out of your home or trapped inside and unable to get out easily when needed. Neither situation is good and both can totally ruin any plans you have for the day. Updating the locks on the doors, making sure windows are in good shape, and maintaining the garage door system can help ensure you can come and go as needed.

Plumbing Problems

If you have an older home, you need to be especially aware of the hidden dangers lurking in the pipes of your home. Older pipes can start to corrode and leach harmful metals into the water or can start to leak and cause damage to the walls and floors of the home. Even newer homes are not immune to plumbing problems and regular flushing of the pipes and checks of the hot water heater and other systems are essential as well. Working with local plumbing experts is a critical part of maintaining the home and avoiding hidden plumbing dangers.

Electrical Issues

Likewise, there are a number of hidden dangers and risks lurking in homes that have not kept up with new electrical codes and whose wiring is worn out and outdated. Bad wiring can occur from the passage of time, damages from water leaks and the elements, chewing from pests and animals, or simply from poor installation and maintenance. Inspections should be done every few years to ensure the wiring in the home is safe and up to code and any issues detected need to be addressed as soon as possible by an experienced electrician.

Weather Events and Water Damage

Depending on where your home is in the country, you likely have at least one severe weather event that you are worried about impacting your home. Whether it is torsades, hurricanes, blizzards, floods, or other severe weather, each one can impact the home and cause damage. Working with a water damage restoration company or a team of local contractors can make it easier to deal with storm damage cleanup. A predictive plan can make it easier to come out on top and deal with storms and the damage they can leave in their wake.

Mold and Mildew

They’re more than just unsightly and damaging to the visual appeal of your home, mold and mildew can grow out of control in the hidden areas of your home. This can lead to serious health issues as the spores from mold and mildew can cause severe allergic reactions and breathing difficulties in people. Working with a local contractor or provider of mold removal services can ensure your home is safe for you and your family and that there are no issues lurking out of sight and out of mind.

Roofing Concerns

Another example of hidden common dangers in a home lies within the roofing system. Minor roofing issues can quickly spiral into major problems when they linger and are allowed to worsen over time. Loose or missing shingles, undetected leaks, and problems with the overall construction of the roof can all weaken the roof and expose you and your family, and your possessions to the elements. Damages can occur and lead to expensive losses and repairs ann represent major issues homeowners often tend to overlook.

Air Quality

A major component of a home’s look and feel is the way someone feels inside. Air quality is a hidden issue that many homeowners are not even aware of. Air duct cleaning, filter replacements, HVAC repairs, and general system maintenance all help ensure the air you and your family breathe day in and day out is as clean as possible. Low air quality in the home can cause and exacerbate a wide range of health issues and can lead to breathing difficulties, headaches, mood disorders, and more.

Household Pests

As a homeowner, you of course want your home to be a place for you and your family to enjoy. No one wants to share their home with pests and this is why working with professional pest control service providers can help keep annoying pests at bay. They can help you combat common pests such as ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, mice, spiders, flies, termites, and more. A hidden danger in your home is the sanitation and health concerns that many of these pests bring with them when they infest your home, your food, and your belonging.

Along these same lines, many common household pests can bring disease into your home and make you and your family sick. Fleas and ticks can bite your family and make them sick. Spiders and scorpions can cause serious reactions with their poisonous bites and stings. Flies can contaminate food and mosquitoes and turn your yard into a war zone. Working with a professional pest control company can help protect your home and your family and keep everyone safe and healthy. It is an investment you cannot afford to overlook.

Attics and Basements

Common spaces in many homes that go overlooked and that can hide dangers within are the attics and basements. These spaces can go for long periods of time without being inspected or even used regularly. This can cause a build-up of dust, mold, debris, and other things that can pose a health and safety risk. When these issues are not addressed, every time someone enters the area they can be exposed to toxins that can make them sick. Routine cleaning and inspection can ensure the attic and basement spaces stay safe and accessible.

Of all the hidden concerns and common dangers in a home, the risk of asbestos remains one of the most terrifying of them all. This hazardous materials have been connected to lung disease and cancer among other serious health concerns. The problem is that asbestos was used for years in insulation, drywall, and many other common materials used in home construction. Hiring professional remediation experts can ensure that any asbestos in the home is removed and that this silent and deadly threat will not impact your family.

Protecting Your Family

Many of the common dangers and threats that linger inside your home are always the ones that directly put your family in harm’s way. Protecting your family means being vigilant and looking for signs and symptoms and knowing what to do when issues are detected. Maintenance and repairs as well as upgrades and renovations can keep your home in good working order and keep everyone safe and healthy. Small touches make a big difference and little repairs and fixes can help make the house into a home.

Pets are often much more than that to the families they live with. Many people see their pets as family members and want to do everything they can to keep them safe and healthy and happy. Ensuring your home and yard are safe and set up in a way that will keep your furry companions safe and sound is a big part of home maintenance. Taking steps to avoid issues ahead of time can help save you a cost to the local animal urgent care office or other expensive care. Keeping your pets safe is just as important as protecting every either family member.

Protecting Your Health

There are many ways you can protect your own individual health and the health of each family member living with you. Many health issues can be traced back to long-term exposure to harmful elements and substances in the home. Harsh chemicals, pollutants, and many other elements can damage your health little by little. Routine doctor visits and checkups and specialized care to specific areas of your health can help ensure your health is a priority. Everything from visits to the dental office, gym, chiropractor, or other professionals can make a difference.

Yard and Property

The final area to focus on when it comes to dealing with the common dangers in a home is the property as a whole. Your yard is meant to be a place to relax and spend time with friends and family. This is difficult to do safely when it is overrun with pets, weeds, stumps, rocks, and other obstacles that can cause injury. Cleaning the yard and keeping it in good shape is something that needs to be done to keep your property safe and accessible for everyone. Seasonal upkeep is essential and something that cannot be neglected or overlooked.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to keep up with when it comes to maintaining a home. Understanding the most common dangers in a home and what problem areas will need your care and attention on a regular basis. Checking these hidden dangers will help keep you and your family safe and also ensure your home and property are as safe as possible. Little things can add up and impact health and safety concerns in a surprisingly powerful way. Working with home care experts and professionals can help ensure everyone stays safe day in and day out.

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