Radiation Treatment For Cancer Using Pencil Beam Proton Therapy


Radiation treatment for cancer is used to fight a wide range of cancers. Radiation treatment for cancer is used for breast cancer treatment, head and neck cancer treatment, treating prostate cancer and more.

While traditional radiation cancer treatment therapy is effective unfortunately historically it has been difficult to avoid some of the risky side effects. Radiation treatment can damage healthy organs and tissue surrounding the cancer site.

The Problem with Traditional Radiation Treatment Methods

Until recently radiation treatment for cancer meant the potential for damage to healthy organs and tissues. The tools to deliver the radiation did not allow precision treatment of the just the tumor. Other organs nearby were exposed to great doses of radiation.

The serious side effects of traditional radiation treatments could compromise the healing from the cancer. While traditional radiation treatments are still the go to choice in many cancer treatment center clinics it is not the only option today.

A Better Treatment Option?

There is a treatment option that is relatively new that delivers the radiation with a more precision accuracy. Pencil beam proton therapy allows the radiation to be delivered directly to the tumor without affecting the surrounding tissue or organs.

Proton therapy treatment can be used in place of traditional radiation, in addition to traditional radiation or in combination with other treatment modalities. Not every cancer treatment center has the equipment to offer this treatment option.

Is It Effective?

Many patients make the mistake of thinking if a treatment option comes with less risk than it cannot be quite as effective as another. Studies indicate at this point that proton therapy is at least as effective as traditional radiation treatment for cancer methods.

This method can deliver powerful treatments without risking healthy tissue and organs to do it. This is a state-of-the-art treatment that uses cutting edge technology.

Is It a Good Option for Your Cancer Treatment?

When you meet with your oncology specialist ask them if they believe that proton therapy is a promising treatment for your specific cancer. Your oncologist is the best resource for treatment information and options.

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