Do You Need to Get Tested for Hearing Loss?


Did you know that around a fifth of American people have some type of hearing loss reported? If you are unsure whether your hearing is at risk or already damaged, you should get a hearing screening. This can be done at your job in the health sector if available, at your local doctor’s office, or at a special audiology clinic, depending on what’s around medically in your area.

A hearing doctor can help you in many ways to improve your hearing if you are found to have some type of hearing impairment. You can be fitted for a small hearing aid after you have your hearing screening done, or referred to other types of treatment.

Should you have a hearing screening done? Here are signs this may be a good idea for you.

You Work in a Noisy Environment

Any type of loud environment, such as a construction zone, airport, fire station, or even a stage for a band, can be considered potentially damaging to hearing. You don’t want to put your hearing at risk, so get a hearing loss exam on the regular if you work in this type of environment.

Hearing Loss Runs in the Family

A lot of hearing loss is actually environmental and simply relate to age, but some people may be more prone to hearing impairment genetically. If hearing loss runs in your family or you have concerns, get a hearing screening. The testing is painless and non-intrusive, and will help you get the results you are needing to take care of your hearing health.

You Wear a Hearing Aid Already

Are you already treating your hearing loss by wearing a hearing aid device? To make sure the unit continues to work well for you, get regular hearing screening evaluations done at your local audiology clinic as recommended by your doctor. This way, should your hearing worsen, you can get a new hearing aid to meet your needs.

There are many ways you can keep your hearing protected or manage your hearing loss should you have this condition already. While you may not be able to entirely reverse any hearing issues you have, you can improve your condition and make better hearing possible with treatment, testing, and the right hearing aids.

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