Not Enough Children Get The Right Amount Of Exercise The Gymnastics Wedge For Your At-Home Gym


Getting fit is easier said than done. For many it can feel downright impossible with so much else to do in the workweek.

You have school to attend to, work to finish, and children to raise. Even the latter has their own concerns to, with all the learning and playing that comes with childhood! Fitness, however, is a big problem in the United States. Not only can a lack of exercise affect your physical health, it can affect your emotional health and self-esteem, too. This is where a good gymnastics class comes into play.

Designed to test human endurance and teach discipline simultaneously, gymnastics are a fantastic fitness resource for the whole family. If you’re interested in getting fit this year, you’ll want to start with a good tumbling mat.

Before you learn the ins and outs of the foam gymnastics wedge, let’s take a look at the history of this sport. Historians have deemed gymnastics to have thousands of years of practice to its name, originating all the way in ancient Greece. Believe it or not, it was actually a keen way for potential fighters to test their strength in battle! This is where so much of the variety of gymnastics comes into play. All that tumbling, running, and throwing is a good way to learn whether or not someone can handle a spear on the battlefield.

Gymnastics has changed a little over the years, needless to say, but it’s as useful as it ever was. A 2017 study found the number of participants in the sport (over the age of six) amounting to nearly five million. That’s a pretty impressive figure when you consider how popular soccer and basketball are! You can even combine gymnastics with martial arts, another sport that has roots stretching all throughout human history. Presently, around 100 million people across five continents practice karate on a regular basis.

Just why is fitness such a difficult concept to achieve, anyway? You can thank the busy nature of life for that. According to the CDC, just 25% of adults in 2018 got enough exercise. This is similar for children, who are much more likely to spend time on electronic devices than go outside and play. Several studies are still being released on an ongoing basis to gauge the impact of exercise on a child’s life. Some have even suggested that children who are active very young will stay active well into adulthood!

Gymnastics offers you and your children the opportunity to get fit without extra work. A class with rigid lessons will give you some stability in your busy week. Exercising with other like-minded individuals can also take the sting out of trying to shed excess pounds. The American Academy Of Pediatrics has gone at length about the benefits of motor skills for very young children. It’s between the ages of two and five your little one should be learning catching, throwing, and running to polish their hand-eye coordination.

Where does a gymnastics wedge come into play? When you’re not in class your children will no doubt want to polish their new skills. Keep bruises at bay with a gymnastics wedge and tumbling mat designed to absorb pressure. These are designed to fit just about anywhere and enhance your workweek (though you should be careful not to leave these outside, as they can collect mold). Alongside your gymnastics wedge you can add foam carpet tiles to create your very own mini-gym on-the-go.

Building muscle and losing pounds isn’t easy, but it’s certainly easier with good tools. See what a simple gymnastics wedge and sign-up can do to enhance your children’s life!

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