Menopause What to Expect


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One day, every woman will go through menopause. This usually happens when a woman is around 50 years of age, although it can happen earlier or later. For women in their 50s, just entering menopause, hormone therapy is a relatively safe treatment that can be used for up to five years and is not associated with an increased risk of heart disease. Assisted reproductive technology and hormone replacement therapy can be used in many cases, as well as bioidentical hormone therapy.

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. It would be good to know, first and fore-mostly, what exactly the stages of menopause are:

Nine out of ten women experience perimenopause , or the first stages of menopause
before menopause
. Perimenopause typically lasts four years.Your cycles will become much less regular in this stage of menopause, but they won’t yet have stopped. Most women reach this stage at around 47, and although you might experience some menopausal symptoms, you can still get pregnant, so be careful!

During this stage, you will have your final menstrual cycle, but you won’t know for certain until you have gone for a year without one. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and sleep problems are just some of the symptoms you may now experience.

Once you have your last period, the rest of your life is spent in the postmenopausal stage.

Average age at menopause hasn’t changed for several centuries, despite increasing life expectancy, which is pretty amazing. In the same way that menstruation is a part of being a woman, the cessation of these cycles is also a big part of it. If any of your symptoms are severely painful or uncomfortable, seek assistance at a menopause solutions center for womens health. Menopause treatment, from the first stages of menopause to the last, are available to make you more comfortable.

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