How to Face the Reality of Cancer with the Right Treatment


If you have been diagnosed with any type of cancer, your first thoughts might revolve around how you will face your treatment head-on so that you don’t miss out on many aspects of your life such as spending time with your family and friends, traveling to see the world, enjoy the sports that you love to participate in, and start some of the hobbies that you love best. Because of this, you might work with a physician or specialist that you trust with all of your needs so that you know you are putting your trust in a center who knows what is best for you.

Why Many Patients Are Choosing Proton Therapy

If you are looking into many options for radiation treatment for cancer, whether you have been diagnosed with neck cancer or a breast cancer cure, you might choose something that is known as proton therapy for cancer. Proton treatment can be great treatment for breast cancer and many other cancers when you are looking for a method of treatment that can help you obtain the best results in a short matter of time so that you can get back on the path to recovery.

How Proton Therapy Treats Cancer

Proton therapy is a type of radiation that stops at a specific point on a targeted tissue. If you choose conventional radiation, this means that you are choosing a type of treatment that goes beyond the tumor. This means that, with typical radiation treatment for cancer, if you are getting treatment for breast cancer, the radiation might go beyond the tumor and could go into the heart, causing later problems for you. Proton therapy is not supposed to go further, which can reduce damage for the future.

This is also a proven method of treatment that actually works, with many people receiving no reoccurrence of the disease. If you are looking for advanced cancer treatment options, proton therapy is at the top of the list. Researchers have shown that around 99% of men who experience low-risk prostate cancer have had no recurrence of their cancer at their five-year follow-up after this treatment. 74% of men with high-risk cancer have also had no recurrence, which are wonderful and trusted results!

Proton therapy options are growing across America so that more and more individuals have this amazing option that can essentially keep cancer from coming back and wreaking havoc on your body again and again. At just the beginning of 2015, it was reported that approximately 30 particle therapy centers were under construction, adding to the many rooms for patients as the popularity of this treatment grows. These treatment sessions are known for being fast, only taking about 15 to 45 minutes depending on how aggressive the cancer is and where it is located on the body.

If you are looking for a treatment method that is sure to reduce damage to other areas of your body as you are fighting an aggressive form of cancer and staring at few other options, proton therapy is a special radiation treatment for cancer that must always be considered if you are making this life-changing decision with help from your physician. Luckily, we are here for you.

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