How Can An FUE Hair Transplant Encourage My Hair Growth?


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A person’s hair says a lot about who they are, which is why it can be so concerning when hair begins to fall out. Whether it’s because of a genetic disposition, chemotherapy, or health reasons such as iron deficiency, hair loss can have a serious impact on self-esteem.

Of those suffering from hair loss, 60% admitted they would rather have more hair than either friends or money. It’s understandable as to why: western society places so much emphasis on a woman’s hair that when hair loss happens, sufferers often feel unattractive. Fortunately, a hair transplant can not only give you back the hair you’ve lost, but can also give you back your confidence.

What is an FUE hair transplant?

FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. Hair transplants are a minimally invasive procedure performed by a specialist at a hair transplant clinic. During an FUE hair transplant, the specialist will take grafts of hair follicles from certain parts of your scalp where the follicles are the strongest.

These grafts are then placed on the parts of the scalp where the hair growth is weakest. The place where the hair follicles are taken from are called the “donor site” and the the balding part that the follicles are transferred to are called the “recipient site.”

What happens during an FUE hair transplant?

Before the surgery, the specialist will clean your scalp and numb the back of your head. You will not feel the procedure. After the area has been numbed, the specialist will shave the back of your scalp in a non-noticeable area. The hair follicles from this area will be removed one at a time and then transferred to the recipient site. The usual FUE procedure at a hair transplant clinic takes around eight hours.

What can I expect after surgery?

You will be prescribed pain medication in order to keep from experiencing discomfort as your scalp heals. Your doctor may also prescribe you Minoxidil in order to increase the probability of hair growth.

After you leave the hair transplant clinic, you’ll need to wear bandages on your scalp for at least a day. However, the majority of patients who have undergone this hair rejuvenation treatment have been able to return to their jobs between two to five days after the procedure. The hair transplanted to the recipient site will fall out within two weeks of the procedure. And within a few months, you can expect to see new hair growth.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you don’t need to feel alone. Thousands of American men and women suffer from hair loss every day. To regain your confidence, consult your doctor today if you may be a good candidate for hair transplant surgery.

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