Have the Hard Conversation with Your Loved One


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How do you tell a loved one they need to go to one of those rehab detox centers? What would you do if a friend or loved insisted that you needed to go to one? Alcohol is a the biggest drug problem in the U.S. Most people are close to someone, whether a friend, coworker, or family member, whose alcohol consumption is worrisome.

Young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 are considered the most vulnerable to developing a drinking problem. The least likely age group is those over 65 years of age. But alcoholism can affect a person at any age. Troublingly, it is estimated that 10% of households with children have at least one parent with this illness.

Treating alcoholism can be tricky. It is not as simple as going down to the family practice physician and asking for a prescription. There is no estimated treatment cost your family doctor can bluff. This is a sickness that requires diligence, as those who are sick know.

There is a stigma in this country for people who drink too much, or cannot control their drinking. Alcohol is available at most establishments, not just bars. Zoos, theme parks, and family cookouts are all common areas where adult beverages are served. No one makes a big deal about it, because it creates tension to admit that such a ubiquitous substance can cause so many problems.

It is commonly agreed that the best way to get help, is to not go at it alone. For one thing, detoxing from alcohol outside of rehab detox centers or hospital clinics can be dangerous. This is one drug that cannot be quit cold turkey, unfortunately. The person detoxing needs to do so in a controlled, supervised environment to avoid injury.

It can be scary to go to one of the rehab detox centers, as doing so is akin to publicly airing one’s dirty laundry. It says, “I have a problem.” But it also declares, “I am going to help myself get better.” If you are worried about a friend or family member’s relationship with alcohol, tell them. It never gets easier to talk about, but it will let them know you care.

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