Functional Medicine Explained


If you want to understand and know more about functional medicines, here are the things to know:

1. Brief Explanation of Functional Medicines

This is a Science-based systems approach that looks at the important underlying causes of disease, clinical symptoms, or diagnosis that contributes to an individual’s illness.

2. It’s not an Alternative

Functional medicines are not alternative medicine nor simply taking some new findings from systems.

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3. More Chances of Treating an Illness

If you understand the underlying causes of the illness than just diagnosing the condition itself, you will have more chances of treating the disease.

4. Treating would be Quick

Practitioners look at the symptoms and the easiest way to treat the symptoms. However, some are also interested in what will happen and what started the problem.

5. Gives hope to Patients

Patients can appreciate the idea that doctors see them as an individual. People could learn from their experience, as they know that experience plus genes create the phenotype that we live in the world.

6. Body Works in the Systems

They are looking at how the body works in the systems than focusing only on the disease. Doctors are looking at toxicology, genetics, psychospiritual issue, nutrition, and the whole big picture.

7. An Effective Tool to Use

Functional medicines work as tools that can systematically work with patients. It would be easier to address the underlying causes when they got a chronic illness.


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