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Marriage counseling

Some situations are difficult to fix. Consider, for instance, all of the things that you have paid for in the past to make sure your oldest son stayed on the right track. You have tried your best to get him into the best therapy programs, but in s spite of your best efforts, the therapy has not always worked. Now, you are looking into a residential therapy location that promised to remove him from his greatest temptations. Drugs and alcohol have never been any help to him. In fact, they seem to feed off hiss depression.

  • Red paint covered the front doors of the high school after your son and three of his friends tried their hand at graffiti. The other students had to serve several hours of community service, but you did not want your kid picking up trash along side the highway so you paid his way into seeing one of the best therapists.
  • Exctiing victories at the swimming pool led to some pretty crazy celebrations. On at least one occasion you had to pay off the school official who called to report that your son was the student who celebrated by filling the pool with dye that matched the school colors.
  • Adderall is a medication used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. By changing the amounts of certain natural substances in the brain, this amphetamine/dextroamphetamine is also a stimulant. Adderall helped your son pay attention, stay focused on an activity, and control behavior problems. Unfortunately, your son also decided that he also liked to use the pills recreationally. You never really knew his source, but he had been ticketed a couple of times for illegal possession.
  • Dining and dashing was a phase your son and a couple of his swimming buddies were into for a couple of years. You found yourself paying off several bills after the restaurant owners traced down the license plate of your son?s car. Counseling services worked with him to break this illegal habit.
  • Young athletes can let the power and the glory go their heads. So much so that they sometimes think that they do not have to follow rules like getting to class on time and showing up for assigned detentions.

  • Forgery. Luckily, the only signatures your son ever signed illegally were yours and his grandfather’s. Through some pretty fast talking you were able to help him get a reduced sentence, but the fine was pretty stiff.
  • Old Spice after shave bottles looked pretty innocent when your son took them to school for use after the swim workouts. The bottles, however, had been emptied of any after shave and had been filled with vodka.
  • Really fast driving! You should have known that teaching your son how to handle a car on a race track would come back to haunt you some time.

  • Road rage. The elderly lady who your son flipped off when he got frustrated in traffic was very upset. So upset, in fact, that she convinced her adult children to call and demand an apology. That problem, of course seems like small time at this point, but at the time you decided to make a major donation to the woman?s church to make the problem go away.
  • Everclear was another one of the favorite drinks your son favored when he was in college. Before long he was trying weed as well, and he would be the first to bring all of the good stuff to the parties. He was always, however, the first one to get caught as well.
  • Hemp. Cannabis. Mary Jane. Marijuana. Call it what you want, but the weed was definitely the gateway your son used to get into the bigger problems that came later in life. Opiads. Meth. through aggressive counseling and rehab therapy services you hope to help him break his addiction.
  • Assault. Your son inherited your temper and he has often let it get the better of him. It was difficult to decide who started the fight that lead to the assault charges, but your son found himself in plenty of trouble.
  • Breaking and entering. This was a new one, but it was part of the escalation process. He had been getting more desperate lately. Always looking for money. Always looking for a way to buy his latest drug of choice.

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