Different Types of the Flu Vaccines and Its Many Benefits


As we enter the flu season, there is much to gain from the flu vaccine. Sometimes there are some possible side effects, especially as it becomes a more concentrated vaccine formula over the years. However, with the increased number of flu cases over the past few years, and the severity of the virus, the benefit of getting the vaccine in time is very great.

Initial Vaccine Required at a Younger Age
Some vaccines are required at a very young age, sometimes only once to help keep children from contracting serious, life-threatening illnesses. Luckily, here in the United States many of those vaccines, like those for polio and rubella, have become required to keep these illnesses away from our children.

Starting with the Cold
The flu is not the only illness of concern throughout the late fall and winter. Children are known to catch up to ten colds a year although that doesn’t necessarily have the availability of a vaccine for prevention. But with the catch of the flu, there is much more danger in long-term health or even immediate danger to the need for emergency care.

Different Types of Flu Vaccines
With about 200,000 Americans hospitalized annually from flu complications, there is plenty to be gained from getting the vaccine earlier in the year. To help with prevention, some specific types of the vaccine and strengths are available to help different patients with the potential issues that could arise. Some of these are:

  • Multi-dose vaccines
  • Multi-dose vials
  • Pre-filled flu vaccine syringes
  • Quadrivalent flu vaccine
  • Vaccine that protects against two types of influenza a
  • Specific formulation for elders
  • Thimerosal-free

Additionally, many different brands of the flu vaccine are available, with some serving to different types of the virus and some of them preventing multiple viral strains at the same time. Typically, this will depend upon the area where you live and which flu virus is most common. Different brands include the FLUAD vaccine, Flublok flu vaccine, Fluzone quadrivalent, Seqirus flu vaccines, and many others.

It is important to remember that the best way to beat influenza is to prevent it before you catch it. The flu vaccine is the only true way to do that. With the potential for a serious downfall and even death upon catching the flu, there is much to gain from the vaccine early in the season. Even if you have never had one before, it is always safer to prevent than to recover from the flu.

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