Creating A Family IVF Procedure May Help


In the United States, there are many milestones that the American people achieve. They go to college and university, receive degrees, and eventually find a full-time, permanent job in their field. As the American people are employed in their dream jobs, a next milestone can be achieved. The American people eventually purchase a house, or rent an apartment or condominium. As they become settled in their humble abode, marriage bells ring. After this one of the most important milestones is set into action; creating a family. It’s important to note that milestones do not have to be reached in this specific order. However, creating a family is one it seems an ample amount of people want. But, what happens when you cannot get pregnant, or struggle to get pregnant? If you’re one of these women, here’s how an IVF procedure may help you start a family, and therefore, help you achieve this milestone.


Let’s begin with infertility. This can be considered somewhat of a common occurrence, today in the United States. In fact around 6.7 million women ages 15-44 have impaired fecundity (yes you can find out if you can have children or not at a young age). This means that they have an impaired ability to get pregnant. This can also mean that although they may be able to get pregnant, they will not be able to carry a baby to term, and this leads to a miscarriage. Additionally, 12% of women who aren’t single, but married have trouble getting pregnant. Although this commonality may seem comforting, not being able to get pregnant, or sustain a pregnancy is devastating. When it’s all put into perspective, at the end of the day, all you desire is to be a mother, to have children you will love, and continue to build your family. This is where an IVF procedure steps in.

IVF Procedure

There are fertility centers, fertility clinics, and fertility doctors that can assist you in creating a family. An IVF procedure can have many benefits and advantages. But, before that, what is IVF? IVF, by definition is a medical procedure whereby an egg is fertilized by sperm in a test tube or elsewhere outside the body. It essentially stands for in vitro fertilization. Needless to say, this procedure helps or causes fertilization, embryo development, and implantation. So, you can get pregnant after the procedure! It’s important to note the an IVF procedure does not guarantee a pregnancy, but 65% of women that undergo medical assistance can give birth. So, in IVF procedure may help you start a family.

Benefits Of IVF Procedure

There are advantages and benefits to choosing IVF in order to try to get pregnant.

A Healthy Baby: When you meet with an IVF expert, he or she can give you a pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). This screening will see the health of the embryo. For example, if there are any abnormal chromosomes that can lead to genetic disorders once the baby is born. Therefore, parents can discover if their baby will be completely healthy or not.

Common And Successful: IVF is the most common medical procedure that helps women become pregnant. Because it is so common, it is also successful and has the most success rates compared to other procedures. IVF procedures are done in cycles, and there are women that may have to go through various, many cycles. However, through research it has been proven that two cycles have to highest success rate. This is ideal, especially because you may have to go through more than two cycles for other procedures (that’s a lot of time and money).

Helps With Different Types Of Infertility: It’s assumed that infertility is caused because of reproductive problems with the woman in the relationship or marriage. However, infertility problems can also be because of reproductive problems with the man in the relationship or marriage. Because of this, with IVF, the fertilization procedure is not inside the body; it’s outside. Therefore, the man’s sperm does not need to travel through the woman’s tract. So, if your husband or boyfriend has sperm issues and that is what is causing infertility, IVF can help with this.

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